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[From Discord] Shock step back

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Lightning was trying to get Shock to animate properly when called as a spell animation, and Everything worked out a solution by modifying the Shock sprite layer to add a step-back routine jump.  I believe this sort of change is very important to document, so I'm copying the Discord conversation here for posterity.

TL, DR: To make Shock properly step back when called from a command that isn't the Shock command, make these changes to its animation script.
  • D0/68B5: FA 4A CF                 jump to $CF4A
  • D0/CF4A:89 20                    loop start (32 times)
  • D0/CF4C: 1F                       [---]
  • D0/CF4D: 8A                       loop end
  • D0/CF4E: 81 00 00                 change attacker graphic to 0 (no action)
  • D0/CF51: BF 40 70                 jump to subroutine $7040
  • D0/CF54: FF                       end of script

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