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Description Expansion Megapack

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author: SilentEnigma

This is a collection of patches for expanding various ability and item descriptions.

Moved & Expanded
  • Blitz: 64 bytes per entry
  • Item: 96 bytes per entry
  • Lore: 64 bytes per entry
  • Magic: 80 bytes per entry
Newly Supported Hello
  • Dance: 80 bytes per entry
  • Rage: 80 bytes per entry
Not Supported Shrug
  • Espers
  • SwdTech
  • Rare Items

The supported descriptions are now located in the F2 & F3 banks (expanded ROM).
A patch is included for expanding the ROM from 24 Mbits to 32 Mbits, if necessary.

The descriptions themselves are not changed, but the entries for each type are distributed evenly for convenient editing with a hex editor.
No pointer reassignment is necessary unless you happen to overrun the normal length allocated per entry.

A table file is included for the variable width font.

See the readme file for more details and instructions.

Thanks @dn for publishing the original implementation for Dance & Rage descriptions.

.zip (25.55 KB, 3 downloads)
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Thanks Silent Enigma. Just tried using it and inserted the Dance Descriptions to test out first. It may require a bit of tweaking since the menu only allows for one line in that specific box.

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