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Lets Hack FF3USME

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So, the topic of FF3USME's dated, hard-coded pointers came up in Discord's general chat, and Serity suggested that we could simply make an IPS patch to change those pointers.  The resulting conversation seems important to the future of expanded hacking with editors, so I thought it best to preserve the discussion here.

Takeaway from what was discussed thus-far:
(1) FF3USME stores its read and write addresses in headered file offset format.  So it's <Address> - $C00000 + $000200
(2) For most addresses, the reference is only made in two places, one for a load and one for a save.
(3) Serity has stated all of this is theorycrafting.  No tests have been made yet, so we have no guarantee changing addresses like this will work.

Transcript below

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That would certainly be nice for any future hacker! For my own hack, I have already moved all my music, monster graphics, etc. to places that don't bump into the expanded FF3usME dialog, battle scripts, special attack names, etc. - but having the ability to change the location would be nice down the road!

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