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New Portraits - Based on DFFOO and AbyssWolf pixelart

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Hello everyone!

I created new portraits for my recent playthrough of PowerPanda's amazing Divergent Paths mod.

I want to share with you guys/girls. 

At first I created all cast portraits using Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia as a base, but my conversion quality for them are not good at first.

My second try is based on the amazing FFVI pixel art done by AbyssWolf. I only adapted his sprites to 16 colors to be able to import on FFVI and edited them to look good and created a new palette for them.

The only characters I did the portraits 100% by myself are the ones I edited from DFFOO art. They are:


Why I didn't used AbyssWolf ones for some of them?

Because for me Gau/Relm/Strago looked more cute in DFF art. Yeah, basically that was the motive.

Imp was hard, but actually Leo was the portrait I had to put a lot of work to look good. 

I did my best to try to keep an overall decent quality.

All the others are based on AbyssWolf sprites.

Please find a little preview below:

[Image: _20210716_213429epkmv.jpg]



-Added other minor sprites I edited in the zip file (characters/espers/enemies - Please use my Ponytail Shiva, she looks so much better!!! Laugh lol) 
-I don't have bordeless versions
-Yes... Terra is blonde here Evil laugh
-I recommend using FF3SE to import the files in the ROM

Please visit AbyssWolf page as well, his work is amazing. 

AbyssWolf Deviantart page:

Obs: Sorry about the Mediafire link, I didn't find where to add an attachment

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