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FF6 Multitap

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(I can't imagine there's a tremendous appetite for a patch like this, being as FF6 makes for a pretty lackluster multiplayer game, but I thought I'd toss this up on here just in case there's somebody out there who's interested...)

Over the last few days, I've been piecing together a multitap patch for FF6 that sets out to make the following adjustments:
  • changes the "Controller: Single/Multiple" config option to a "Players: 1/2/3/4" option
  • scraps the individual controller/character assignment submenu (see controller allocations note below)
  • allows any connected controller to control the field/menu (think Twitch Plays, but hopefully more civilized), so P2-4 aren't just along for the ride until battle comes along
  • this also attempts to fix a Blitz bug where controller 2 used to be able to screw up player 1's Blitz inputs and vice versa due to a weird merged input schema that Blitzes were pulling inputs from for some reason. I have not yet confirmed that the fix to this works, though I can confirm at least that the active player can input Blitzes.
With the strict controller assignment menu scrapped, controller/character slot assignment for battle works as follows:
  • 1 Player: 1/1/1/1
  • 2 Player: 1/2/1/2
  • 3 Player: 1/2/3/1
  • 4 Player: 1/2/3/4
As it stands right now, this appears to be working in at least bsnes+ and Snes9x. Ensure your multitap is connected to controller port 2, and then player 1 will use controller port 1, while players 2-4 will use multitap ports 1-3.

This is all built within the existing space of the controller assignment menu and input decoding routines, so if your ROM is based on a FF6us ROM and has the "Controller: Single/Multiple" toggle (and isn't using C3 optimized) then it will presumably work fine.

You can find the asm and ips patches for this on my github here:

(Credit to Bropedio for optimizing the M mod N controller assignment loop, and Vitor Vilela for showing me how to read P4 inputs from the multitap, because that's apparently not straightforward at all)
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