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Adaptive Dialog Engine

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The Adaptive Dialog Engine is an extension for FF3us's field dialog script interpreter.
It allows hackers to write specialized, context-sensitive text within individual captions.

The following capabilities are added:

  1. Actor Name insertion, by:
  • Party leader
  • Sprite at a specified field map location
  • Actor ID in RAM
  2. Conditional branching, by:
  • Party leader
  • Status of bits in RAM
  • Number of characters in the active party
  3. Memory manipulation: Set/Clear bits in RAM via bitwise OR/AND operations.

Detailed definitions for each new function are given in the readme file.

There is a bit of a learning curve with the syntax. An examples document is also included which goes through some of the more common use cases.
The syntax is designed to integrate with FF3usME's Town Dialog editor. I recommend exporting the script from FF3usME to file for editing.

Happy hacking!

.zip (11.76 KB, 6 downloads)
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Awesome work! I wish I wasn't in the final cleanup phase of my hack so I could implement this!

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