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Making Leo Darker

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(02-23-2021, 10:06 PM)PowerPanda Wrote: As i haven't done graphics having before, I didn't realize that certain colors had to be hair, and certain colors skin. I think this is more than a colorblind person like me can do on their own. Fast Moon, I like your sprites the best of what I've seen, but I'm trying to see if Leo can be done without the super blonde hair.

Yeah, that limitation was the entire reason why Leo's sprite was depicted as the same skin tone as the rest of the playable cast to begin with (same goes for Kefka, whose sprite doesn't have the white face-paint).  Non-battle sprites can have different skin tones (like Yura, Vargas, and Dadaluma) because the battle engine never has to recolor them.  But in battle, the color in the "outline" index (1) will be swapped out for statuses like Haste, Slow, Shell, etc, and the color in the "skin tone" index (6) will be swapped out for statuses like Poison, Zombie, Berserk, etc, so those two specific slots are "set" in their usage.  The last 4 entries on the palette are invalid to edit for battle sprites and will still show up in battle as their default colors (which I learned the hard way when I was originally trying to recolor Leo by using those color entries and then he showed up as a sickly green in battle).  All of the other palette entries for things like "hair", "clothing", "eyes", etc are technically interchangeable as far as I can tell since I haven't found any place where the code cares what's in that spot, but they're generally standardized across characters and NPCs simply for the sake of making palette-swapping easier (Rachel, Katarin, and Daryl use non-standard palette indices for their hair colors, and trying to palette-swap them leads to interesting results).  This is why when I co-opted the "eye color" entry for Leo's skin tone, I had to go through and edit the eye color of every character and NPC that used palette 0 so they didn't have brown eyes.

I was sort of limited to the "bleached blonde" look due to the remaining available colors left that I could co-opt without further messing with the other sprites that use palette 0, but I personally like that color on his hair. His Dissidia Opera Omnia game sprite gave him a similar hair color, and the look is reminiscent of Wesley Snipes's character in "Demolition Man", which a lot of people have likened Leo's design to.
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[Image: 2QHOnYX.png]

I realized that while this graphics hack may not be possible with Leo as a fully-playable character, it will work well with Vanilla, where status effects don't really matter. Kefka has the possibility of poisoning Leo during the battle, so I just swapped out the Atlas Armlet with a Ribbon to take care of that. In light of that, I have gone with the "2 shades darker" route, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. I'll be creating and posting an IPS file tomorrow.

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FFVI: Divergent Paths (Completed) - a complete storyline and gameplay hack of FF6 that adds Leo as a playable character
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