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Plague Knight, Undertale Toriel and FF7 Marlene

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Before introducing the content of this release, which includes an Undertale character, a Shovel Knight character and a teased character now fully completed, a little background is needed: This release was scheduled to be released for Christmas (As the Christmas Release 4.0) and was almost ready to be released in time, but, in the end, this was unfortunaly delayed because after realizing it needed more extra time for testing and revisioning some of featured character.

Plague Knight (Shovel Knight)

[Image: 7hDfLh5.png][Image: NjBtAaR.png]
One of most well-known bosses of the Order of No Quarter and protagonist of the Shovel Knight campaign "Plague of Shadows", jumps to FFVI with the purpose to rejoin with his friend Mona. This character sprites hides a development similar to my Anna and Blanc sprites, but with the exception of being discarded with a fully completed base front, back and side poses (That time, I stopped its development at the Near Death Sprite). The finished version's design doesn't change anything on the base poses, but adds new interesting things: Most of the character was composed from scratch, trying to stay close to the original sprites where possible, with some notable exceptions like the Angry animation (Based on Setzer) and with some straight recreation of the original sprites, like the hurt pose. Originally he was planned to have a victory animation inspired from the sprites of the original game, but during testing it caused some conflict with the base side pose (Since both are connected), forcing me to completely rework it to fix the issue. Since both him and Mona are closely related in the original game, I decided to give him a shared animation with my Mona sprite (The casting Animation) and a similar custom palette (Features a Green Skin, so you have to choose the Mona Spritesheet with the same skin colors). The portrait is a revamped, extended version of his dialogue portrait.

Toriel (Undertale)
[Image: bk0UMCE.png][Image: iNcbeJd.png]
Yes, another Undertale character released for the Christmas holidays, this time with a well-known and loved ones, whose objective is to protect every children who want to adventure into Undertale: Toriel.
Like every other character I made of the same series, she was made entirely from scratch, with a close attention to replicate some of details of the original sprites, with (again) some other inspirations in some of her poses (Mostly the battle ones), most notably The Hurt pose, inspired from the unused blocking pose of FF4 Anna and the casting animation, based on Terra. While the Front's walking animation is different from the one from the original game, it's referenced in the Angry and laughing animation, while the Japanese letter/Scared Terra pose is based on the walking animations while holding Frisk's hand from the original game. It uses a Custom palette which, for the color slot, is a perfect candidate for a pallete 5 replacement (Since it also features 2 of Mog's NPC Colors).

FF7 Marlene
[Image: YuNAOdy.png][Image: N6Q2Ohs.png]
Teased long time ago in my Dyne sprite as the character's Japanese letter pose, Barret's adopted daughter is now a fully completed character, with her sprites hiding a long story behind her development: Created during the development of Dyne's release, her sprites were left forgotten until, some weeks ago, I chose her as the 3rd character of this holiday release over another character. Being a child character, Relm was used as the main base, but there is more: While Relm is truly the base behind the front and back poses, the side ones (especially the battle poses) were made by using the FFRK version of Krile as bases, with some original exception like the ready stance (Based around FFRK Tifa) and the casting animation (The same of Plague Knight and Anna). The Japanese letter pose has her holding a flower, a reference to her original FF7 artwork. Her apperance is based on her field sprite from FF7 and has a custom palette. The portrait is based on her artwork.
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