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FF7 Shinra Triple Pack: Rufus, Tseng and... Prof Hojo!?

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Yet another FF7 themed release, this time focused on the antagonists, which includes a FFRK recreation, a Turk member who, unlike his team companions, didn't receive a playable appearance in that game, and another one to whom I gifted his first playable appearance.

Rufus Shinra (FFRK Recreation)
[Image: UdnuJAI.png][Image: sUvIbVx.png]
The young Boss of Shinra, whose FFRK Sprites I used as a bases for some of my past character sprites, is finally here in a brand new fully playable form. Of course, being a Record Keeper Recreation means that most of the side sprites are taken from the latter game while the front and back ones were created by using Edgar (Laughing,scared, Side Head-lowered and pointing finger animations) and Setzer (Angry Pose, Riding Sprites, the Tent and for desigining the Front's outfit) as bases.
His transition from FFRK to FF6 caused his original palette being downgraded, with a the a bright yellow color of the hair and a purple one for the outfit being removed for the 12 Color limit in battle. The resulting custom pallette also includes Edgar NPC colors whle the portrait is based on his original artwork.

[Image: wvQwq7x.png][Image: pkPRj4e.png]
On FFRK we got Reno, Rude and Elena (and also the former member Vincent) as playable character, but I think they forgot to include a character to make the entire Turks gang playable: Its Leader!
Finally, after being left behind by FFRK developers, Tseng is free to join his team in FFVI with my new sprites. As for the bases I used, Locke was used for the base front and back sprites while the side ones were made by combining parts of the outfits from both FFRK Reno and Elena, with most of the battle sprties taken poses based on Reno's. However, there are notable exceptions to those aforementioned bases, like the casting animation based around FFRK Auron and the angry and pointing finger animations being based on Setzer. 
Despite being based around Locke, its custom palette has palette 4 skin colors (Setzer and Cyan's). The portrait is based on his appearance in FF7 Remake.

Prof. Hojo
[Image: klhD04E.png][Image: 0esDuVQ.png]
No, I'm not kidding. The mastermind behind SOLDIER and the Jenova Project and the head of Shinra's Science Research Division, Professor Hojo, joins FF6 not as a simple NPC (or a Cid Replacement), but as a fully playable character!
As it clearly shows, Setzer was used as the main base for most of the poses, but there are notable exceptions: The ready stance is based around Edgar, while a lot of the remaning poses, including the Casting, Near Death and Angry animations, are original. Despite being a glasses-wearing character, I decided to feature some poses with him taking them off, with honorable mentions being the scared and the Jap Letter/Frightened Terra ones (The latter was made as workaround for making a winking eyes animation without ruining the base front sprites). It uses a custom palette with Palette 4 NPC colors. The portrait is a 16 bit colorized version of its FF7 Concept Art, with the skin and hair color taken from the FF7 Remake concept art.
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Nice work as usual!

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