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C1 Updates

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If you're using the C1 disaassembly from the wiki, make the following correction. 
C1_A080:    PHA
C1_A081:    ASL
C1_A082:    STA $12
C1_A084:    ASL
C1_A085:    CLC
Delete the six supposed data bytes in the table.

Also one more:
C1/EF24:    BFE7FFE7    LDA $E7FFE7,X
C1/EF28:    3FE87FE8    AND $E87FE8,X
C1/EF2C:    BFE8FFE8    LDA $E8FFE8,X
C1/EF30:    BFE8FFE8    AND $E97FE9,X

Should be:
C1_EF24:    dw $E7BF, $E7FF
            dw $E83F, $E87F    
            dw $E8BF, $E8FF    
            dw $E8BF, $E8FF

I appreciate the prayers and good wishes. Those who don't know, I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma in 2019, and I have done well with the treatment, but eventually treatments stop working and you change.  I recently had a seizure at work, now I am healing but not able to work or really do much at all. The focus is just to get better. Again, thanks for the support and if I can help you I will.  I've forgotten more about this game than most people should ever learn, lol.
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