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Wished-for assembly commands?

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Do you ever find that you have a situation where there's one opcode you just wish existed on the 65816? Which one and why>

I appreciate the prayers and good wishes. Those who don't know, I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma in 2019, and I have done well with the treatment, but eventually treatments stop working and you change.  I recently had a seizure at work, now I am healing but not able to work or really do much at all. The focus is just to get better. Again, thanks for the support and if I can help you I will.  I've forgotten more about this game than most people should ever learn, lol.

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There's a few that have support for only X or Y long indexing and I wish they would be an opcode for each. It makes you add some TXY and TYX and my OCD doesn't like this : P

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I agree, the lack of long indexing with Y has bugged me the most overall.
I can't remember the exact scenario(s) when I've run into it, though.

Also, STZ doesn't have any long indexing or Y indexing at all, which would be nice to have.
Comparing X or Y with an immediate would be another.

That said, I'm doing some (more) tinkering with FF3j lately, and boy, does the 65816 feel like a dream compared to 6502 Tongue

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