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Antinomia: FF6

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I've submitted a Version 2.0 release for Antinomia.  Despite the major version number change, there are no significant content changes in this release.  The standard I learned was that the major version number gets incremented if the release is no longer compatible with save/config files created in a prior version.  In this case, the content of your inventory will change if you patch this over an existing save, though it should still be perfectly playable.

Changes in this release:

* Overall HP/MP growth algorithm updated to take characters' base stats into account rather than everyone only reading from the same table.  Now HP gain per level is weighted with the character's Vigor stat, and MP gain is weighted with the character's Magic stat.  The Stamina stat is also slightly weighted to both.  I did a full play-through and honestly didn't notice a significant difference in character stat differentiation with the exception of Relm and Banon, whose HP were quite low due to their low base Vigor stats.  Terra's MP was also noticeably high by endgame.

* Sprinting is now the default walk speed outside of maps and events that forbid it.  Sprint Shoes no longer exist

* To replace the Sprint Shoes relic entry, there is now a rare Magic Egg relic that doubles the spell acquisition rate of the wearer.  If you patch this version over a previous save, all the Sprint Shoes in your inventory will probably turn into Magic Eggs, which is not intended behavior but also not something I can prevent.

* Coliseum is no longer RNG and you can control the character

* Bugfix regarding the airship still spawning at the beginning of the Word of Ruin in specific circumstances
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