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Antinomia: FF6

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Antinomia: (n.) The state of two laws or principles arrived at through good faith being mutually at odds.

The intent of this hack is to elevate General Leo to a deuteragonist role and periodically shift the focus from the main party to him to explore the events on the Imperial side in parallel with the main casts' actions (kind of like what FF8 did with Laguna).  The overall story progression and mechanics will remain mostly the same, but utilize an expanded ROM and dialogue bank for dozens of new cutscenes and events to expand upon what's already there, for all characters, not just Leo.  Leo's sprite has also been recolored to more closely align with his portrait.

Leo will also survive the encounter at Thamasa and eventually join the party on the permanent roster, taking Mog's slot, but will still spend most of the game as a guest with locked skills and equipment until he has had sufficient chance to truly re-evaluate his loyalties.

The script uses the original Woolsey script as a base, however I'm also using the Japanese script as a reference to fix lines that I felt either mistranslated or misrepresented the original dialogue, so the full game script will also be somewhat fresh, though still familiar.

Basically, it's my own personal take on the age-old question of "What the heck was Leo thinking working for the Empire and what if he'd joined the party?" *points at icon* He's been my favorite FF guy for 25 years, so I thought I'd give romhacking a try for a bit of geeky wish-fulfillment.

Current Progress:
Three Scenarios:
Terra (done)
Locke (done)
Sabin (in progress)

Screenshot samples of what's been completed so far:
[Image: nhp5kOy.png][Image: XUSUKuD.png][Image: h74Gz4i.png]
[Image: WRLjz1k.png][Image: SLEsOZD.png][Image: gLYl6QT.png]

Video demo of new South Figaro event after the Returner Hideout:


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Just want to say that this looks incredible, very nice work! Best of luck on the rest of everything planned, I look forward to seeing it finished and of course playing it. Smile

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Really nice work so far!

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this looks incredible

I'm looking forward to seeing more

keep up the great work

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