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Anybody had serious hard code the game that allow the player to save after the credit rolls, instead of a pointless The End screen with no other option but to close the game? Of course, this would allow the steal from Girl & Sleep, and used consumable inventories during the final battle.
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Based on my limited knowledge I would think you could bring up a save menu?

I'm interested though... how does the game act if you have a save showing the game beaten? I havent done research but if there is an event set then you might not be able to fight him twice.

I should look into this later
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These are the event bits set and cleared by the ending, as far as I could find.

CA094D: {D6-9A}               Set event bit $1E80($39A) [$1E93, bit 2] Shows some NPC
CA0E24: {D6-9E}               Set event bit $1E80($39E) [$1E93, bit 6]
CA0E26: {D7-F5}               Clear event bit $1E80($3F5) [$1E9E, bit 5] Hide some NPC
CA1389: {D4-E3}               Set event bit $1E80($2E3) [$1E9C, bit 3]  Shadow's covered up in shops?
   CA1395: {D4-C0}               Set event bit $1E80($2C0) [$1E98, bit 0] Cinematic effect (gets cleared later)
CA1397: {D6-A0}               Set event bit $1E80($3A0) [$1E94, bit 0] Show some NPC
CA149C: {D2-C6}               Set event bit $1E80($1C6) [$1E98, bit 6] Shows portrait in epilogue (Set multiple times)
CA26B9: {D7-A0}               Clear event bit $1E80($3A0) [$1E94, bit 0] Hide some NPC
CA26D4: {D5-F3}               Clear event bit $1E80($2F3) [$1E9E, bit 3] Make Shadow unavailable (seems designed to mark that he died in the ending.  Why?)
CA2921: {D6-FE}               Set event bit $1E80($3FE) [$1E9F, bit 6] Show some NPC (set and cleared several times, may not be cleared at end)
CA29EB: {D6-9C}               Set event bit $1E80($39C) [$1E93, bit 4] Show some NPC
CA30D4: {D6-9D}               Set event bit $1E80($39D) [$1E93, bit 5] Show some NPC
CA3645: {D6-9F}               Set event bit $1E80($39F) [$1E93, bit 7] Show some NPC
CA36EA: {BA-20}               Play ending cinematic $20
CA36EC: {BB}                  {BB}
CA36ED: {FE}                  Return  [END OF GAME]
There isn't an event bit that skips the Kefka fight, but if you don't reverse some of these bit markings before calling a save, things may not work the second time around (missing NPCs, event freezes, etc.). You'd also need to plop the player on the position of an existing save point (perhaps the classroom) before you prompt for a save, since saving records your position and it probably wouldn't be valid after end credits.
It's easy enough to clear event bits that were set during the ending, but it's not so easy to determine which cleared bits have to be turned back on.
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