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Patch: Optional Continue

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author: SilentEnigma

This is a quality-of-life mod which allows the player to quit the game after the party is defeated.
The player is given a "Continue? Yes/No" prompt following the "defeated" animation. Selecting "No" triggers a return to the title sequence.

Three different patch variations / application methods are provided to help minimize conflicts with other hacks:
  1. "Full": Applies the Optional Continue feature to an unmodified FF3us ROM.
  2. "Base": Applies a partial implementation of the feature. Includes the new code modifications, but excludes the required dialog caption change.
  3. "Base-CV": Similar to the "Base" variant, adapted for compatibility with C. V. Reynolds' Bug-Fix Compilation v1.16.
Check out the readme for more details.

[Image: optional-continue.png]

Note: This patch does NOT update the Save Point tutorial text (caption #1747).
Consider updating that caption manually in your own project to reflect the new feature.


.zip (210.69 KB, 15 downloads)
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