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FF7 Avalanche Pack: Biggs, Wedge and Jessie

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If you played Final Fantasy VII, you'll sure remember them: The 3 unplayable members of the Avalanche Team, who only appear in the first part of the story only to tragically dissappear for the rest of it. If you have ever dreamed to play as or give them a better role for your story, these sprites are for you. Like Anna and Blanc, these 3 were part of a old sprite release which I temporely scrapped, only to revitalize it after the recent release of FF7 Remake. Also a sprite of Barret was originally planned but was dropped to focus more on this trio.

[Image: mXzWc9u.png][Image: ikButTO.png]
The only female of the trio, mostly known for being saved by Cloud during the 1st reactor raid. She was the first one to be made and only had the walking animations for the 3 directions when I temporarely decided to scrap the release. In this final version, the already existing sprited were touched up in order to optimize the walking animation, with the side ones receiving the less number of changes. Terra was mostly used as base but some battle poses were made from the FFRK version of Elena, with the addiction of one trace of Celes (Scaring animation).
You're wondering why she has 2 near death animation (One based on Elena and the seemely unused one on Terra)? Well, if you want to recreate the scene where Cloud saves her or something similar, the one on the Jap letters/Frightened Terra pose is perfect for it! It uses a custom palette with Terra's NPC Colors. The portrait is not based around one of her original artwork, but was made by using a completely different base.

[Image: Rm8a93O.png][Image: urkg6a5.png]
Are you tired of having a temporary playable Imperial Soldier using the name Biggs? Now you can give it to this cool guy instead! As it clearly shows, Locke was used for the main base but, like Jessie, other poses were made by taking inspiration by other bases such as the FFRK of Reno (Yes, another Turks member! Used for casting and ready animation) and my sprite of Projared (the near Death animation). Also, since he also wears a bandanna, this is the first time I decide to retain Locke's bandanna in a custom sprite. His look is mostly based around the in-game model and the PSX version's artwork, but I also included some outfit design from the remake design (As shown by the back sprites). It uses a custom palette with Locke's NPC Colors. The portrait is based around one of the FF7 Remake Artworks by Roberto Ferrari.

[Image: JboFAv6.png][Image: TXhDnWC.png]
The same words I used to introduce Biggs can be also applied for this big boi. His development is peculiar compared to the other two: Sabin (A character I rarely use to start a sprite) was used as a base to make most of the Front and Back poses, but for the side ones (especially the battle sprites) I used the FFRK version of Ward Zabac due to the physical similarities with Wedge (the only changes are the eyes, the bandanna and the addction of some metal plate). His light yellow shirt was a life saver for the 12 color limitation thank to the eyes color being a lighter shade of yellow, allowing me to use it as the lighter tone of the shirt. The visible hair on the sprites is brown instead of black due to previously mentioned limitation, but it retains his original color on the portrait. His appearance is the same of the original PSX version of FF7 and it uses a custom palette with Sabin's NPC Colors. The portrait was made by using Sabin's one as a base and includes some details from the artwork (such as the hair visible on the same face position).
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Hey those are pretty darn good, nice work.

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My favorite one is Biggs, but all three spritesheets are well made IMO.

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