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FF10 Seymour Guado (FFRK Recreation) and Hyperdimension Neptunia Vert

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Here we are again with a new sprite release, with my 2nd Neptunia character and my 1st character from Final Fantasy X. Like Mona and Blanc, these 2 unrelated characters were chosen for this release because in a hack I'd like to place them as Celes (Vert) and Setzer (Seymour) replacements. I'm starting  to realize that the seeds for making a Neptunia themed hack are growing...

FF10 Seymour Guado (FFRK Recreation)

[Image: ot3avcB.png][Image: pBfoDUf.png]
Since in this period I'm playing Final Fantasy X, obiously the idea of making a sprite of one of the its characters came to my mind. In the end, I chose the famous Seymour Guado, one the antagonists, Master of Yevon and Yuna's trusty stalker. As the title says, this a recreation from the Record Keeper sprites, mostly included as the side sprites, while the front and back were created by using a mix of Edgar and Setzer as bases (even though my friend Locke managed to sneak up for the pointing finger animation), with the latter being used mostly for the outfit design and the first one for most of the poses' base (Since the Record Keeper one are clearly based around Edgar). The front sprite base was the most difficult frame i created for this sprite due to complexity of Seymour's hair style. 
To fit the 12 color limit for battle, some colors form the Record Keeper were removed, most notably the darker shade of red, the purple eyes (replaced with 3rd dark blue hair color in the sprites, but the portrait has them) and both shades of green were replaced with slightly dark version of the light one, while the original FFRK skin colors were kept. The palette is (of course, after all of this explainations) custom, but Edgar's NPC colors were include to not screw up the NPCs. The portrait is a devamp from the original game.

Vert (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

[Image: YeAhQZJ.png][Image: a2IFnQi.png]
Since Hoxnorf made Neptune and Noire's sprites and I made Blanc's one, allow me to close the CPU quartet with the last one, Micro... Ehm... Leanbox's CPU Vert, who got sick of staying behind while the other CPUs enjoy the fun, so she also decided to breaks into FFVI once for all. I've to admit: Recreating her outfit and hairstyle was so hard that, in comparison, making Seymour's front was a cakewalk (after all that was a FFRK Recration). As it shows, Celes was used as the main base with Terra being used in some other poses, with honorable mentions being the laughing animation (which is a mixture of Celes and Terra's ones) and the Casting Animation, composed from scratch using a base from FFRK (Won't tell who because would be a spoiler for one of my next planned releases). Uses a custom Palette with only Celes' pupils and NPC Colors surviving from the original palette 0. The portrait is based on her original artwork (and It took me some time to find a hair color similar to the artwork's one).
[Image: f45649K.png]
Also while I was testing the sprite, I discoverd that Vert's custom palette is unexpectely compatible with my Maria Renard Sprite! (due to the similar colors,)

Opera Dress Vert 
[Image: ub2gBf0.png]
Of course, since she was designed as Celes's replacement, why not making a Opera Dress version of her, so here is it! 
The 2 shades of green from the Opera Dress are included as NPC Colors.
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