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I'm posting an idea here that I am not planning to pursue for my project, in case it sparks creativity in someone else. This is an idea for a character ability that I think would create engaging gameplay for a new character, and would be doable without having to re-invent the wheel.

The character's ability, M.Sword, would allow them to add an element to their attack. It is based off of the Magic Knight abilty from job-centered games like FFV, FF: Dimensions, and Bravely Default. The character would have an 8-item menu, consisting of:
Fire    Ice
Bolt    Poison
Earth  Wind
Water Pearl
Selecting one of these would play a quick intro animation, like Runic or the sword spin from Shock, and then have the character do a standard attack with an elemental affinity. It would be up to the hacker how the player gains these elements. They could be tied to key items that are found, gained through level-up, or simply be present from the start.

The reason this is so doable is that it doesn't require any additional ability slots to be created. All you would have to do is figure out how to have an ability write an elemental property to $11B0, and then loop to the existing code for a standard attack. It's simple, dynamic (Genji Scroll and Offering), and pretty much never becomes useless.

I am not pursuing it for my hack because I just didn't need it. By giving Runic to a character with high Vigor and terrible M.Atk (Leo), I have been able to breathe new life into the existing ability. Celes, in turn, has Jump, which fits her personality better than Runic ever did.

Divergent Paths: The 3 Scenarios (Completed) - a redo of the 3 scenarios in the original game that gives equal time to each group. Meant to be a basis for future mods.
FFVI: Divergent Paths (In Progress) - a hack built off of the 3 scenarios that changes other events in the same, such as making Leo permanently recruitable, bringing Banon's story closure, and adding 1 more secret character.
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