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Maria Renard (Adult Version) and Projared (Youtuber)

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Here we are with my 1st sprite release of 2020, which include a female character from a well know game and a homage to one my favourite youtubers.

Maria Renard (Adult)
[Image: CFiwGyZ.png][Image: YANxpLJ.png]
One of the most famous female character from Castlevania, playable in Rondo of Blood, Symphony of the Night  (Saturn and PSP version) and Portrait of Ruin now joins FFVI with her magic tricks. This sprite is based on her adult appearance in SOTN and is peculiar for the hair style of the side poses, which are heavily based on the original game's sprites. Terra was used as the main base, but several poses were developed from other bases such as Celes (Hurt Animation), FFRK Rinoa (Near Death and Ready Stance) a my sprite of Anna (Casting animation). A little curiosity: For most of its creation I left Terra's green Eyes color since her original sprites don't show her eyes color, but I quickly changed them to Blue after looking at her official artwork very late in development (How didn't notice that in the original Rondo of Blood's cutscene she has blue eyes). It uses a custom palette with only the last 2 NPC color of Terra surving from the original one. The portrait is a demake of her dialogue one from SOTN, but with the eyes changed from a realistic style to an (almost) anime style. Also since I developed some interest into learning how to create custom weapon animation for my hack, I'm planning to do some custom animation of her main attack used when playing as her in SOTN. (The blue Projectile of the Saturn version and the classic flying bird of the PSP porting, both will be published when they are done).

Projared (Youtuber)
[Image: txA1hTQ.png][Image: la5KC6m.png]
[Image: Hae7GXk.png]
Projared: BEEEES!

Maria: Ehm_
Did you noticed that our
other party member is DEAD?

Projared: OH!
Jim the Knight,
killed by bees...

Jokes asides, inspired by Kugawattan's sprite of the Angry Videogame Nerd, here is my first attempt to a sprite based on a real person, the youtuber Projared, which is actually a huge Final Fantasy fan.
The project of this sprite started 2 years ago, but it was unfortunaly left behind quickly to work on other projects. I recently revived and completed it not only to pay homage to him, but also because is currently working to a video about FFVI, which he stated is one of his favourites of the saga.
My overused male base Locke was used again, but this time some poses were created from scratch by taking ispiration from other bases (Ex: Casting animation based on FFRK Rufus) and one is based on Cyan (Angry pose). The scared side poses used in the comic scene is avaible as the Jap. Letter/Scared Terra pose and the tent is Jim the Knight from the NES game Hylide (My favourites of his game reviews). It uses a custom palette, but this time Locke's NPC colors survived!
The portrait is based on the happy face used on his video thumbnails and I'm actully astonished how good the transition from real life look to the game's style went.
Ah! One last comic scene... (By the way, both are references to some of his famous catchphases)
[Image: MeFl8QS.png]
Projared: This Tree is trying
to kill me_
F#!k you, Nature

Earth-Chan: HEY!
Be polite, Human-kun_
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