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Improve Character Patches

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(04-24-2022, 11:47 AM)Gi Nattak Wrote: EDIT: Wait... isn't the fix what PowerPanda posted in that thread?

PowerPanda: Also, here's the section of code from C3 that I don't believe "Functional Umaro" covers.
   C3/9EF4:    C90D        CMP #$0D       (Is it Umaro?)
   C3/9EF6:    F007        BEQ $9EFF      (branch if so)

Replace all 4 bytes with EA to allow Merit Award, Genji Glove, and Gauntlet to Empty/Optimize Umaro.

Testing... Yep, that's the fix alright lol.

What? How do I see the IPS code to edit? Or, what's the offset using HxD?

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That is the offset there C3/9EF4-C3/9EF7. You'd put EA EA EA EA. I'm going to update the Equipable Umaro patch now actually, if you don't feel comfortable doing this.

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