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Beyond Chaos Music Appropriation Guide

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@emberling wrote a music appropriation guide for the Beyond Chaos randomizer, in other words "steal" music from exisitng FF6 hacks (FF6 T-Edition and RotDS as an example) and use those songs in Beyond Chaos. The guide can be adapted to do the same to incorporate song hacks in your own FF6 hack, hence why I post it here.

However for this purpose there are a few things things to consider:

1) Once the process is finished, drag and drop the file onto mml2mfvi to get the binary files of the song and instruments set (the data.bin and inst.bin files that can go in your ROM).
2) If you're not using expanded instruments, it can be a lot harder to find matches that don't require mml editing.
3) If you're not using expanded instruments, ignore everything past 0x3F in the ff6bcx.sf2 file.
4) The BCx-Inst.ips instrument patch can be used with a vanilla ROM.


.zip (2.14 MB, 79 downloads)

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You can also appropriate Beyond Chaos music for your hacks! I didn't go into this in the guide, because it doesn't exactly make sense to appropriate Beyond Chaos music into Beyond Chaos, but...

SPC archive for Beyond Chaos lives here
(let me know if the link ever breaks)

Since everything for BC is already in MML, you can skip a step and start from that point. MML files can be found on github.

(If you want the most recent music, there's usually some extra things on my github fork but there's no consistent link to them, you'll have to track down recently edited branches yourself.)

Note that I use custom samples very heavily (including for songs added to BC made by people other than me) and you'll probably have a bad time if you're trying this with only FF6 native samples and don't know how to edit the MML macros and body to compensate. (Of course, on many this is already done for you with the "nat"/"enh" versions, but I've stopped doing that on more recent songs because I'd rather have someone bother me about it on discord than have some shitty version go out into a hack.)

(BEFORE BOTHERING ME ON DISCORD, TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. THIS GOES FOR EVERY SINGLE QUESTION YOU WANT TO ASK, NOT JUST THE FIRST ONE) (though, saying that you are working on something or trying to figure something out or struggling with something, without directing this toward any specific person or acting helpless, doesn't necessarily count as bothering me and might lead toward someone helping you)

anyway, the point is this may be helpful if you want to use the BCx sample patch for your hack, or the T-Edition one from the song hacks page, or especially if you're up for picking your own custom samples, but it's probably not that helpful if you're going without custom samples entirely.
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