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Simplified Tombstone Puzzle

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This simplifies the tombstone word scramble puzzle in Darill's Tomb, you know, "ERAU QSSI DLRO WEHT". In the vanilla, each incorrect combination of the four sequences of letters gave a unique caption. With this tweak, all incorrect answers will redirect to the same single caption. Because I wanted to accomodate anyone who may have expanded the dialogue in their rom, this tweak only changes the event, not any dialogue (also why I'm uploading it as a hex dump and not a patch).

Insert this data at CA/4037 to apply the change. The correct answer to the puzzle will remain completely identical, but all incorrect answers display caption 09C5, number 2500 if FF3usME. Change that to some text like "it's just gibberish", and you're good to go. 

This frees up captions 2501 to 2522 for other uses, or you can just blank them out, freeing up about 400 characters of space. In more useful changes, the compressed event coding for the puzzle frees up 120 bytes from CA/412A to CA/41A2; the inserted Hex data will automatically blank them out for you.

Again, this only changes the event coding, not the associated dialogue, you'll have to change that yourself.

Download Link
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