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no se como que el mp/pm aumente dependiendo del magic power

asi que si me pueden ayudar grasias (Tratare de no pedir ayuda demaciadas veses segidas

I don't know how the mp / pm increases depending on the magic power

so if you can help me thanks (I will try not to ask for help too many times you are sure

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MP in FF6 works via its own growth chart, same as HP. It has no ties to any of the stats. If you wish to make HP and/or MP growth dependant on stats, you need to change a lot of the inner coding involved with things. For someone completely new to hacking, this would more or less make the job impossible.

First, play around with hacking something simpler via hex or asm editing. Once you have some skill there, then try and make attempts at picking apart how to make the coding for a project such as this.
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