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ReCast is a 'standing on shoulders' half-hack that assembles various material created by members of this community into a (tentatively) functional mosaic.

It stands on four tent-poles:

Hold on Combat fixes from C.V. Reynold's bugfix compilation.  Specifically, it takes everything from the C.V. patch up through bank C3.
Wink Plot pathing fixes from PowerPanda.  I used his DivergentPaths as a base in this project because it improves the pace of the Scenarios split.
Finger Translation from Rodimus Primal.  I used his script as a base before making text adjustments of my own.
Surprised Graphics from the FF6Hacking 2017 collection, which I spliced to make new monster graphics and (in some cases) player graphics.

My original intention was a simple graphics patch, to fix the art clash that all 2D Final Fantasy games possess.  In short, one side of the battlefield has stick figures while the other side has Romance-era paintings.  I figured since I couldn't make the players into Romance-era paintings, I could at least make the monsters into stick figures.  It's the biggest component of the hack, and the reason why the patch is so large.

As I got into the thick of it, though, and as I replayed the game I found that many of the characters were bland and one-dimensional (or in the case of Sabin... 0 dimensional.  What a pixel).  I took the opportunity to rewrite and expand on the characters, making them more independent and more believable (no more robot "what is love?" or deadly generals "pure as snow").  I also decided to significantly rewrite several characters, such as Mog, Umaro, Cyan, Setzer, and Cid.  All in all there was only about 1000 bytes of space left for script when I was done with it.

Lastly, I decided to make Water a more prominent element like it was in FFX, so I reorganized and/or changed most of the spells.  Which in turn required restructuring and/or changing monster scripts.  Doing so also involved giving more characters natural magic: I extended the premise of GrayShadows' patch in that regard to make Relm, Strago, Shadow, and Mog learn spells as they level.  The sum of this adds up to the sub feature, summarized as _SPELL18_, wherein each of the three magic categories has 18 spells.

I've played through the patch once, and it is difficult but beatable with Natural Magic alone and very little grinding (I needed a short grind for money in Zozo and a short grind for levels in the Fanatics Tower).  I was able to beat the final boss at an average level of 45.
I haven't tested Esper Leveling yet (though I did make sure they were casting correctly in an earlier build).  I'd imagine the game is much easier with Esper leveling, probably easier than the original.

Right now I'm looking into squashing any lingering bugs which may have slipped by, particularly in Mount Zozo and Cyan's Dream (these areas were blorked in my first draft).  I also know that little girl in the ending walks off the cliff, but... I haven't been able to figure out how to nudge her down yet (dang ending maps being different!).  I also want to look into adding one new feature to the game: the display by enemies of their current statuses.  This should be possible for at least the cycling color statuses, being that enemies flash Color 1 whenever they act.  I haven't jumped in yet for this but I have an idea on where to start.

What I need from this community (if anyone is interested) is input on the difficulty and pacing of the hack, and notes on any weird dialogue (situations where a random villager says only half a sentence, or those where a character behaves unbelievably relative to the circumstances at hand).  And while you're on floating structures, watch out for chasms!

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Nice project man!

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