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Monika (DDLC), Kasane Teto (Utauloid) and Ralsei Teaser

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For the next period, I'm about to temporarily suspend my sprite releases to focus more on my hack's deveopment (Music, Events, etc.), but before doing it, i want to share not 1 or 2, but actually 3 teaser of some sprites i'm currently working on....

Monika (Doki Doki Literature Club)
[Image: iM9w4F2.png]
The famous president of the Literature Club is preparing to come to FFVI. I'm using Terra as a base and it will use a custom palette. Originally conceived with the Terra-style eyes, I changed it to the Relm style to give here a much cute appearance. In the future, I'll also do the sprites of the other club members (i already done the front Sprite!). 

Ralsei (Deltarune)
[Image: EnDvUXC.png]
I finished the 1st Chapter of Deltarune a week ago, and of all the characters featured there, he became my favourite. Composed from scratch, it will use a custom palette that will probably incude the 2 human skin color in 12 intial colors. I'm sure it'll be the most difficult to finish of all the 3 character due to his design (I struggled so much into making his side sprite!).

Kasane Teto (Utauloid)
[Image: kvWkWUF.png]
The most famous character "voice" from Utauloid (a series of voice synthetizer programs similar to Vocaloid, but free). Like Monika, she also uses Terra as a base and has Relm style eyes to fit her appearance. I was also thinking about converting the song Triple Baka (where she is featured) to FFVI (if I manage to find a midi of it)....

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That Ralsei is great, nice work!

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