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[Bug?fix] Select mapped to R by default

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Thanks to the hack I wrote recently for BNW that swaps the ATB gauge and max HP in battle, I discovered that the select button, by default, gets mapped by the game to get read as a press of the R shoulder button. This interferes in a few relatively minor ways -- it doesn't, interestingly, allow select to be used to run, but it does cause select to trigger multi-targeting, or to swap pages/page down in the field menu. I don't know that it necessarily counts as a bug, as it appears to be intended, if somewhat obscure, behaviour, but it's not necessarily what I'd call logical behaviour.

This isn't so much a patch as it is the location of where the game maps this, so that if you want to use select for anything in your hacks, you know how to fix it. The code is in C3 here:

Apply default button settings
C3/A5D1: A01234  LDY #$3412     ; A, B, X, Y
C3/A5D4: 8C2002  STY $0220      ; Set purposes
C3/A5D7: A05606  LDY #$0656     ; L, R, Select
C3/A5DA: 8C2202  STY $0222      ; Set purposes
C3/A5DD: 60      RTS

To fix, change C3/A5D7 to LDY #$0756. If you're using the optimised C3, you'll want to also uncomment the last line of the table at C3A5B4, or select will return garbage data to the array at $04-$0C. 

If you've re-enabled the ability to remap joypads -- I know that Novalia Spirit has a hack which restores this -- and want to expand it to include a separate mapping for Select (there are currently only six options available for seven buttons, so you'd need to expand it somehow), you can change the default config for the Select button here, by updating #$06 to #$07:

C3/70B3: A906    LDA #$06       ; Button: Select
C3/70B5: 8D531D  STA $1D53      ; Define purpose

This will not affect the game unless you're hacking in joypad remapping; as far as I can tell, this section of SRAM gets ignored by vanilla FF6us, although (most of?) the code is intact.

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