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FF6 Hacking Wiki Static Version

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I've made a static XHTML downloadable version of the wiki with almost everything that is on it, excluding some irrelevant pages to a static version. Otherwise all the files are there: utilities, music, images, documentation, patches, etc. It's not a small download but it's the near totality of the wiki since its foundation in February 2016. I'm gonna work after my semester on a smaller version with only the text pages and documentation.

The procedure to add pages to future static versions is here as well as the download link:

I also made a backup on Finally I've also started working on a static version of the forum, with the main pages, threads, forum pages, profile pages, memberlist pages and reputation pages, all in HTML files. I also fetched all working external links in threads whether they are images or as an example zip files. I will need to structure this better with some automated conversion for relative path links. The final task will be to merge the wiki with the static forum and convert all links wiki-forum / forum-wiki to relative path.

I have also been on and off working on a forum update, finishing the job of 2016 and polishing things and adding a few new things. I was supposed also to make a server move during the Holidays but I'm not prepared enough so I guess I will tolerate our D class hosting service a few more months. Things are not critical, in fact pretty stable but a hosting change is something I have wish for a long time. Hopefully the forum update will be done for the 10th anniversary of the site in June. We have started planning some special things for the occasion!
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