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PS1 Text Changes?

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I'm considering working on a Final Fantasy VI patch that reverts the title screen and the censored graphics (but keeps Woolsey in the credits) but only changes the text in ways that the PS1 version has (only example coming to mind right now is: "Fenix Down" to "PhoenixDown". Essentially a "Sony Edition" on SNES.
  • But was the rest of the script even changed much?
  • Does anyone know if there is an exhaustive list of all the text changes that were made for Final Fantasy VI in the Playstation release?
The Final Fantasy wiki mentions a few, but just wondering if anyone has done a full comparison.

Thank you!

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I've never seen a document detailing this..

The only exhaustive way to do this is extracting the PSX script in same format as FF3usME and compare with a text comparison tool.

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The Cutting Room Floor lists a few. Looks like it's limited to Phoenix Downs, Biggs, and monster names.

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