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FF3 Onion Knight (FF6 Psx Recreation) and Gardevoir + Portraits

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FF3 Onion Knight
[Image: xf2r79.png][Image: 119w2oi.png]
Obviously I couldn't left behind the other character cameo in Psx version of FF6 so here is it in a complete playable form. Unlike Squall, one of its original poses (The one between the casting and closed eyes animation) actually showed how its back would be, allowing me to recreate it. The ready and casting animation is based on the FFRK ones and it use a custom palette. The Portrait is a demake of the first Dissidia's HUD image.
Credit: Ultimencia for posting the original FF6 Psx sprites to the Spriters Resource.

[Image: 9r7v5w.png][Image: 219utyp.png]
My favorite Pokemon is ready to join and protect your party! Mostly created from scratch, inspired by her OW sprite in Pokemon HGSS, it was supposed to have Terra styled eyes, but they were changed to a Relm/Generic Lady style late in the development (Trace of the older design can be found in the angry animation). It use a custom palette.
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Those sprites are pretty cool, I really like the Onion Knight portrait.

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