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Is Slick Down?

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I've been trying to access the Slick Productions boards off and on for quite a while (a couple months or so).  I've been busy irl recently, as well as had some computer troubles a while back (which caused me to lose a few of my FF4-related hacking notes Sad ), so for a good while I was simply assuming it was either on my end or I was just trying to check in at inopportune times and the site was just on a temporary hiatus.

But at this point I felt it were wise to ask: Does anyone know if something major happened to kick the site down for an extended period of time? A short time ago I got back into FF4 hacking and started a somewhat ambitious side project, but with no access to Slick's FF4 R&D board I find myself winging it a lot more than if I were able to converse with the rest of the crew that frequented the board or skim through the various threads to track down the info missing from my notes.

Any input would be immensely appreciated.

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Last news I had, Lenophis was looking for another hoster rather than hosting it at some friend's place I think. You can ask him directly in the RHDN or Slick Discord server. Here's an invite for Slick Discord:

Edit: A mid 2017 FF4 sub-forums snapshot is available on the wayback machine:

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