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CtrlxZ 2018 Sprites

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So these are some of the sprites I made for the Beyond Chaos community. All of them are WIP, 16 colors, and still probably need some work. 

Reno (Final Fantasy 7)
Kelgar (Final Fantasy 5)
Bartz (Final Fantasy 5) (this one needs serious work and I'm not sure where to start)
Edge (Final Fantasy 4)
Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7)
Holy Dragoon Kain (Final Fantasy 4 After Years)
Orlandu (Final Fantasy Tactics [edited and combined from FFRK and Silvermaine])

[Image: rBDn1fU.png]

[Image: 3A4yQZA.png]

[Image: 1KdrlE9.png]

[Image: pbiPBUD.png]

[Image: c3KCzrt.png]

[Image: bB6vQqX.png]

[Image: 02tobfT.png]

I also forgot,

Vomammoth (Final Fantasy 6)
Yura (Final Fantasy 6)
Barret (Final Fantasy 7)
Zack (Final Fantasy 7)
Ramza (Final Fantasy Tactics)
Vaan (Final Fantasy 12)

[Image: NYsvbqq.png]

[Image: 0BXM7r8.png]

[Image: uAcN2Ve.png]

[Image: T8E4o86.png]

[Image: WtRJolZ.png]

[Image: 3pCti84.png]
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hey these are not that bad at all, some are a bit rough around the edges but you show a lot of potential as a spriter, feel free to ask me for any pointers and I'll help you out

"Sometimes ninjas do wrong to each other, and in dat way the force of tha earf' comes around da moon - and at that presence, da dirt, it overshadows the grass, so you're like, I can't cut dis grass, there's no sun comin' through. So in order to enable each other the two fruits have to look each other in da eye and understand we can only be right, as da ripe is wrong, you know what I mean?"


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good sprites man i like yura best

The only limit is imagination. And 16 colors.. I guess 


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That Kelgar is awesome.

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That 2nd last one; The hair looks pretty great.
I'm always copying sprite sheets I come across.

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Thanks everyone for your kind words!

Current issues:
Some of the side facing arms bother me.
I'm still working on better downward facing poses.
Riding sprites aren't animated, or animated minimally
I tried to make Barret bigger than most characters. Doing so made it so that I can't make Barret blink. Barret is going to stone cold stare everyone down.
The back of Ramza bothers me for some reason and I can't put my finger on it. feels flat to me.
The front of Bartz bothers me for some reason.
The back of Sephiroth is just a slightly edited Setzer. I wish I could think of something better.
Kelgar looks way cooler than he has any right to be.

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Those are cool sprites! You Zack sprite is cool! Sadly as a non-spriter my inputs are worthless but James, Poco Loco or others can surely help you with the issues you just mentioned.

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