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Inverted damage if undead fix poison bug help

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I was using MasterZed's Invert damage if undead bug fix (makes Seizure heal the undead) and I noticed a bug with the fix, if an undead enemy with posion absorption were to be poisoned, the poison status would cause damage.

Basically I'm looking for a way to have Seizure still heal the undead while making sure the poison status doesn't  damage undead the enemies with poison absorption (basically poison status won't have the invert damage if undead flag).

I'd really like the hex addresses, I hope a simple hex edit could fix this (make Poison only heal undead w/ poison absorption while seizure & HP leak heal undead).

EDIT: Found out Phantasm/HP leak status & Seizure share the same byte, I want to focus on just making sure Poison status heal undead poison absorbers while Seizure heals undead.

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Search assassin's C2 disassembly for "set element to poison" and you'll find the periodical damage routine. You need to expand and relocate (part of) it and add a bunch of conditional checks.

Honestly, I don't consider it a bug. It feels like the intended use of this property was to invert healing attacks on undead. I'd just remove it from periodical damage entirely and let Regen heal the undead and Seizure damage them. And remove the property from poison elemental attacks and let elemental absorption sort it out instead.

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1) following seibaby's first paragraph: yeah, a good place might be C2/504E: relocate the instruction there to free space, then add a "TRB $11A2".

that's just for Poison. Seizure and Phantasm share a common bit in C2/5B6B, so you'd have to tear up that function to differentiate them. i'm not touching that. besides, in the link below, ZED gives a nice argument regarding a certain relic placement and boss battle.


2) this topic was discussed way back when:

in it, Master ZED counters the idea that the bit was just meant for healing.

i indeed consider it a bug, too. Seizure is a perfect mirror image to Regen in other ways, so having them both damage undead is pointless and screwy. now, seibaby's second method is another way to get rid of the silly duplication. however, i consider it inferior to ZED's way because:
a. the vast majority of healing moves in the game do invert.
b. Square didn't enable the bit in C2/500B for no reason.

later in the topic, we got into the idea of Poison elementals in combination with the Undead inversion. iirc, Master ZED thought a double negative could have been intended: i.e. that the monster designers anticipated the undead inversion bit, once fully working, could cancel the Poison absorption present on most undeads -- and let them be damaged by many Poisonous attacks (4 of 7, not including the status). i thought this was batty, and that monster designers checking boxes in FF3usME -1.0 Alpha would never (or rarely) plan for such double negatives; you can gather as much from my final post there. Wink iow, Giro's view makes sense to me.

Quote:And remove the property from poison elemental attacks and let elemental absorption sort it out instead.

i'm inclined to agree with this.

(EDIT3: rewrote next 4 paragraphs, as they were a jumbled mess.)

it's likely that Square was 4/7th of the way through placing the "Invert Damage if Undead" flag on Poison elemental attacks (i.e. ones seen a lot more often than the other 3/7, aside from Bio Blaster), then decided "f**k it; we'll just do it with elemental affinities", and because Function C2/0B83 implements the "Invert Damage if Undead" flag half-assedly, they never needed to go back and clear the bit from most attacks.

under that hypothetical sequence of events, Poison Frog et al probably weren't meant to behave any differently than the others. but having ZED's patch in place gives us the flexibility to tweak some, in case Square did want differentiation within the elemental, or for hackers' creations.

part of what i was going on about in 2004 (aye, over 13 years at this silly game... oh, the squandered hours, *mumble mumble*) was it seeming very unlikely that the designers would want a small majority of Poison attacks (and the heavier used subset, to boot) to behave the opposite of what the monster elemental data indicates. i.e. if you're designing a game from the ground up, as Square was, why be so unintuitive right out of the gate by using a fudge? especially one that makes the undead have less final affinity to Poison than the living.

so using Master ZED's fix, while instead setting the inversion bit on the other 3 Poison attacks, so as to ensure damage to undead, might be another way -- if we think them only flagging some was by design, as opposed to purely an abandoned approach.
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