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MyCode HTML5 video tags!

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I added some video tags because I was not happy with the quality loss of Youtube uploader. Supported formats are MP4, WebM and OGG.

The tags are quite simple and will generate a  video tag of 480x360 with a default preview. You just add the video url in the tag. Sadly I could not make an attachment url work with it because the link is a PHP request. I could also not add easily a preview with some extra coding, hence for now the generic preview. These last two things may be improved if these do not become dead tags.

[cellwidth=150]MyCode tag[/cellwidth]
[cellcenter][mp4] [/mp4][/cellcenter]
[cellcenter][webm] [/webm][/cellcenter]
[cellcenter][ogg] [/ogg][/cellcenter]

The following example was made with a video hosted on our server but any link finishing by .mp4, .webm or .ogg should work, unless your video is corrupted.


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