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FFVI: Divergent Paths

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(10-13-2021, 03:06 PM)Joshua H. Wrote: Are there fan-fic out there about Banon and Gestahl being brothers on the internet?  I’m busy retooling the vanilla script and could make use of a story thread like that.  It’ll work perfectly for a rewrite of Divergent Paths I plan on porting the script over to...

I've never heard that.  Banon's canonically from South Figaro so it seems unlikely he and Gestahl are brothers, especially given their wide gap in age.  It's not impossible but it's highly improbable.  Someone (possibly Fathlo, I can't recall) suggested that players could pretend that Gogo was Banon driven mad after the world unzipped; there was also talk about Banon falling into the research facility after the banquet (I think Catone pitched that one), but I can't think of any other narratives for him.

Most people steer clear of Banon because he's a wildly unpopular character.  Not sure why... probably because of his game-over flag and low stats (The opposite of the General Leo effect).  It's funny how gameplay can impact a person's impression of a fictional character.  Doesn't help that the game itself just forgets about him shortly after the banquet.  PowerPanda's move to shoulder Banon with the repeated blunders of the new magitek war (Open the gate, agree to help the emperor, believe the emperor's promises, and hand the espers over to Gestahl yet AGAIN) was actually a really good move... it turns into the swerve of Banon being a hateable character.  He tries to redeem the outcome but the effort is too little and too late; Divergent Paths shifts the failure of Thamasa off Leo's shoulders onto Banon.

Good for Leo, bad for Banon, but it does reduce the impact of the character death.  Given PowerPanda's goals with the hack, though, I'd say it's a worthwhile trade.

The only other person I can think of who ever did anything different with Banon (in a vanilla plot context) is me.  I think--again--that his low stats and his game-over flag have left a lingering stink on him and it's difficult for veteran players to see him in any other light than 'dead weight'.
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Hhhhmm...thanks for this. I know I’ll have to rewrite the Thamasa dialog when I port my script over, but now that you mention it, Banon’s presence as a character may be to damaged to clean up with back story/lore. I’ve been excited about some of the clean up work I’ve been doing in regards to the world building of the vanilla script and will post that later - on my own thread. Almost done with my first edit of the second draft.

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