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Wayback Machine Archiving Problem

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I am manually unable to archive this forum on I am requesting help or a start of solution. My goal would be to use an API to archive the whole forum but the first step is having a manual archiving working. You can try archiving here (save page now box):

We installed a SLL certificate a few weeks ago. We are hosted by GoDaddy and the certificate is issued by GoDaddy. Internet archiving with wayback machine was still working for a http address until tonight but that was the case because some HTTP adresses were still showing even though all traffic should have been redirected to HTTPS. I redirect correctly HTTP to HTTPS tonight with .htaccess file content. Archiving however does not work and never worked for or simply (which is redirected).

I get the page "Bummer. This url is not available on the live web or cannot be archived" for any forum page I try to manually archive.

Could the problem be with the SSL certificate? Or with my HTTPS redirection in .htaccess? I have no robots.txt file on the server. We are running MyBB forum engine and I can see the crawlers (google, ia, etc.) on the forum (crawlers are renamed with names of FF6 devs). I found little to none similar example cases on google to help me solve this and it seems no longer have a wayback machine help forum..

Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks!

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