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RotDS Monster Gallery

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RotDS Monster Gallery

[Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:mo...00:000.png][Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:mo...00:001.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:mo...00:002.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:mo...00:003.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:mo...00:004.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:mo...00:005.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:mo...00:006.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:mo...00:007.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:mo...00:008.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:hacks:rotds:mo...00:009.png]

You can now view a RotDS Monster Gallery on the wiki. The page is also linked on the RotDS main wiki page. If you want to download all monster, an archive is available here.

I've extracted the monsters with and utility I've coded (except GhostTrain) that work with any FF3us ROM but I'm not yet ready to release it. Note that monsters 376 and 379 are nothing as well as 415.

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