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FF6: Enhanced Archive Thread

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It was official in my head for a long time but I'm fairly sure I will never be able to continue my FF6 hack and have hope to get it completed. I rather focus on utilities development and some forum tasks and coding on the side. This thread will act as an archive of the project, as well as leaving comments and why not ideas.. I'm also making the parent hidden forum public, a place that have been since a long time dead. However, nobody can create threads and the only place you can comment is in this thread.

Also from now on anyone is free to use any idea, concept, sprite or song that pertained to this hack. The whole thing is public romhacking domain.

[Image: dev-logo-b.png]
Official Logo
concept art used

I - The general idea

I had in mind a version of FF6 that would have been what could have been if the dev team had an extra year of development in 1994, with some elements of other Final Fantasy games, some cameo from other Squaresoft RPGs but no heavy crossover. Original story would have been kept 90% intact, except for story modifications to include new events, guest characters and sidequests. The name says it, "Enhanced" mean adding a plus value to something that is normally at least decent. Following is the list of feature that were planned.

II - New Elements
  • Characters with more depth (new events)
  • Modified dialogues, with pieces of the following: GBA Script, Kwhazit's and Lina Darkstar's translations
  • New monsters, modified AI scripts and monster limit lifted to 512
  • New & modified weapons, armors, relics, items
  • One or two more guest character(s) in the WOB
  • New Key items (such as a lock pick that can break to open doors and chests)
  • Font selector (4 fonts, event based)
  • New Game+ with post game content and surprises
  • Dash/Walk option in config menu
  • WOB Colosseum with its own betting list
  • Extended item list (277 items)
  • Upgradable Equipment (a la cursed shield)
  • Imp sprite on Overworld for imped characters
  • Extended names (similar to Angelo's patch)
  • Music Player and more songs (at least and extra 30)
  • New maps with proper NPC, event triggers and exit expansions.
  • Random Battle / Boss Music
  • 14th playable character (Iris from the dead community project)

Most of these points are now possible and some features made it to standalone patches or modified editors. I had other ideas but these point were the main things I wanted to achieve. Note that I had zero battle mechanism tweak or modification, I had in mind to fix most bugs but I had no idea to improve the battle system.

III - The characters

All the main cast was supposed to have a new sprite and more scenes as flashbacks or current game events. One I had in mind since early development was Cele's arrest in Vector in the form of a flashback. The following sprites were all done by JamesWhite.

[Image: sheet-locke-a.png] [Image: sheet-locke-b.png] [Image: sheet-merchant.png] [Image: sheet-mog.png] [Image: sheet-setzer.png] [Image: sheet-soldier-b.png] [Image: sheet-soldier-a.png] [Image: sheet-relm.png] [Image: sheet-gau.png] [Image: sheet-umaro-a.png] [Image: sheet-umaro-b.png]

[Image: portrait-locke.png] [Image: portrait-mog.png] [Image: portrait-setzer.png] [Image: portrait-gogo.png] [Image: portrait-gau.png] [Image: portrait-banon.png] [Image: portrait-strago.png] [Image: portrait-soldier.png] [Image: portrait-umaro-a.png] [Image: portrait-umaro-b.png] [Image: portrait-umaro-c.png] [Image: dev-misc-a.png] [Image: dev-misc-b.png]

IV - The portraits

I wanted menu portraits such a this one by runelancer. I even had in plan to change the portrait when wounded or imped.. I explored a lot of possibilities but it never passed the planning stage.

[Image: dev-misc-c.png]

[Image: dev-por-a.png] [Image: dev-por-imp.png] [Image: dev-por-c.png] [Image: dev-por-d.png] [Image: dev-por-e.png] [Image: dev-por-f.png] [Image: dev-por-g.png] [Image: dev-por-h.png] [Image: dev-por-i.png]

V - The music

I wanted a unique OST with songs other than VG songs but that would fit well in the game. I was starting to build my OST with the help of Gi Nattak. You can check on Youtube what I had so far on top of the following chart:

ID Song Name Author Use MP3
55 FF12 - Esper Battle Gi Nattak Intro Listen
56 NES - Atreyu's Quest Gi Nattak Intro / "The End" screen Listen
57 Electric Dreams - Madeline's Theme Gi Nattak Not known yet Listen
58 NES - Bastian's Happy Flight Gi Nattak WOB airship Listen
59 SOE - Cecil's Town Gi Nattak/Madsiur WOB Town Listen
5A FF4 - Prologue Gi Nattak Loading screen / Intro credits Listen
5B NES - Ivory Tower (beat version) Gi Nattak Not known yet Listen

pipe dream:

VI - The videos

Here are things I've done in 2012-2013 with in mind to have something close or the same in the final version. I must have rewritten 4 times the events up to the 3 scenarios because I was not happy with the results or I had new ideas. My development never past the first Ultros fight. Full playlist here.

A- Introduction
My good old intro demo. A later version had FFXII "Esper Battle" playing for the 1st part.

B- Guard Leader Battle
You could fight the Guard Leader when entering the mines. He was supposed to come back later too.

C- Ice Golem
A Whelk replacement I had in mind.

D- Locke's Intro
I would have tweaked the scene to make Locke and Arvis use a warp stone to travel at lightspeed to Narshe Wink

E- Lots of Moogles
Just a busy moogle cave.

F- Figaro's Secret
I wanted to have tons of entrances like these.

G- Old Sage
An NPC that travel from city to city and ask trivia question. There would have been prizes.

H- Vargas & Co
Just recolored Vargas with 2 panda-bears.

I- Returners Hideout
I think I added the chocobo event... not sure..

J- Monster Sprites
The Blackmages play FF rock!

K- Custom GFX
Some signs and chest GFX tweaked.


[Image: pre1.png] [Image: pre2.png] [Image: pre3.png]
[Image: pre4.png] [Image: pre5.png] [Image: pre6.png]
[Image: pre7.png] [Image: pre8.png] [Image: pre-9.png]

FF6: Enhanced Links
Personal Page
Wayback Machine archive
FF6: Enhanced Previews
FF6: Enhanced OST

FF6: Enhanced Demo Patch 2013
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VII- Monster sprites

Those are almost all internet rips and recolors by me except first four made by JamesWhite. I am no spriter so beg with me some recolors were not high quality especially with my 2012 pixel art experience.

Original Sprites

[Image: jw-flan.png] [Image: jw-ff12-b.png] [Image: jw-ff12-a.png] [Image: jw-cactuar.png]

Rips and Recolors

[Image: rat-a.png] [Image: rat-b.png] [Image: rat-d.png] [Image: rat-c.png]

[Image: lich-a.png] [Image: lich-b.png] [Image: lich-c.png] [Image: lich-d.png]

[Image: ghost-a.png] [Image: ghost-b.png] [Image: ghost-c.png]

[Image: gargoyl-a.png] [Image: gargoyl-b.png] [Image: gargoyl-c.png]

[Image: centaurion-a.png] [Image: centaurion-b.png] [Image: centaurion-c.png]

[Image: lobo-a.png] [Image: lobo-b.png] [Image: lobo-c.png]

[Image: soldier-a.png] [Image: soldier-b.png] [Image: soldier-c.png]

[Image: robot-a.png] [Image: robot-b.png] [Image: robot-c.png]

[Image: poplum-a.png] [Image: poplum-b.png] [Image: poplum-c.png]

[Image: mouse-a.png] [Image: mouse-b.png] [Image: mouse-c.png]

[Image: snake-d.png] [Image: snake-b.png] [Image: snake-c.png]

[Image: plant-a.png] [Image: plant-b.png]

[Image: eye-a.png] [Image: eye-b.png]

[Image: centaur-a.png] [Image: centaur-b.png]

[Image: mons-a.png] [Image: mons-b.png] [Image: mons-c.png] [Image: mons-d.png] [Image: mons-e.png] [Image: mons-f.png] [Image: mons-g.png] [Image: mons-h.png] [Image: mons-i.png] [Image: mons-j.png] [Image: mons-l.png]

[Image: mons-m.png] [Image: mons-n.png] [Image: mons-o.png] [Image: mons-p.png] [Image: mons-q.png] [Image: mons-r.png] [Image: mons-s.png] [Image: monjs-t.png] [Image: mons-u.png] [Image: mons-v.png]
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