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Secret of Mana Ancient Cave

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Just throwing this link out there for any Secret of Mana fans that have not yet heard or know about this project. Mop, who was working for years on a SoM editor before passing his work off to others, created a wonderful SoM randomizer/hack of sorts that is very well done and a lot of fun:

It is still being updated and is under development, but is highly playable and as I said lots of fun. It's like a speed race kind of hack, with random generated levels and new features. This is a great hack to stream and race, I hope to see some races sometime in the future on Twitch!

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It looks pretty cool! I might try this after my semester as I really liked SoM. Randomizers are a big trend, there's this list on RHDN. I'd like also to point out for FF4 fans that Abyssonym has recently released a FF4 Ancient Cave randomizer:

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The FF4 one ive messed around with, its neat and shows promise but still clearly an alpha. The SoM one i did not know about so thats great, have to try it out later on!

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I love me some SoM! Thanks Nattak, I wasn't aware of a randomizer for it.

The randomizer I've gotten the most mileage out of was Zelda Randomizer actually, it really made me feel like I was playing Zelda for the first time again. Awesome.

Beyond Chaos is cool too but I can't play FFVI for five minutes without getting sidetracked by modding projects.

Edit: whoa, it procedurally generates maps? This is some next-level stuff.

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I'm doing my first run of this SoM randomizer, the latest updates let you play the vanilla game randomized, and random music out of square enix titles like chrono trigger, final fantasy 4 and 5, and seiken densetsu 3 music. I am loving the rando of it.  Smile

oh and major cutscenes skipped to avoid boring long dialogue. Smile

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