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Breath of Fire 2 minor hacking

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So, I recently started to re-play the game on Snes9x because, well, I want to do an enhancement for the game once and for all, and currently using the retranslation hack (normal game is far too broken with the Engrish and lack of dash feature).  Nevertheless, the one thing that breaks the game for me later on is that darker battle theme, I don't like it, I want to change it so it keeps the normal battle theme throughout the entire game up till the last boss.  I know for a fact that an NPC triggers it on Tunlan (Tuneland), who mentions to the party that they need to get a flute in order to speak the townspeople's language. That very NPC triggers an event that switches from battle theme 1 to battle theme 2. What offsets and what bytes are being changed, I have yet to find out, but I do know that's what's happening. I am almost to that point in the game where that NPC triggers that event change, the question is, where do I even begin to look with programs like HxD? Do I need to know pure ASM in order to find the address or addresses that change the music? 

I am nearing the event that gets triggered in BOF2 and once I do, I will upload the SRM and save states if need be, just so I can hopefully understand what I need to look for and what to change. 

Also on the same vein, well, kind of, how was the dash feature implemented into this ROM hack?  Could the same kind of hack be done in Breath of Fire? Adding a faster walking speed so Ryu doesn't take a million years to get from point A to point B? 

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