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Leila sprite

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Hi, because I'm a horrible sprite maker I'm asking someone to make me this FFII Leila sprite Laugh

Here is all that I got :
[Image: 3BIShLwl.png][Image: ds0JCuul.png][Image: x7gDgkWl.png][Image: CfdQRGXl.png][Image: STvzfchl.png][Image: NKO96dyl.png][Image: G8CteUCl.png][Image: hLXZVcnl.png][Image: kn6w8Fel.png][Image: 4uSHlISl.png][Image: CjPnBJQl.gif][Image: hPm6e3Ql.png][Image: S5HZ5Xjl.png][Image: 4k7xQyCl.png]
Every sprite is a separated image, thanks! Kappa!

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