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Character Info Breakdown

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I've no shame, but yes I stole the idea from RotDS. This list is subject to change though! And, if you feel you can offer suggestions on stats, abilities etc. I'd love to hear them!

[Image: terra_16_bit_portrait_by_kugawattan-da4g9zy.png]
Vigor: 36
Speed: 32
Stamina: 31
Magic Power: 48
Battle Power: 4
Defense: 36
Magic Defense: 30
Evade: 5%
MBlock: 9%
Run Success: 3
Age: Young
Height: Above Average
Weight: Average
Hometown: Junction
Treasure: Green hair
Likes: Performing magic spells
Dislikes: Oppression
Weapon: Knives, Swords, Remnants, Special
Class: Mage Warrior
Desperation Attack: Riot Blade
Special Ability: Trance - Terra calls forth her Esper lineage and morphs into a form full of magic; it doubles the damage she deals while halving the damage she takes.

[Image: headdy_by_kugawattan-dboy9ay.png]
Vigor: 32
Speed: 24
Stamina: 48
Magic Power: 31
Battle Power: 3
Defense: 29
Magic Defense: 19
Evade: 11%
MBlock: 6%
Run Success: 4
Age: Even younger than he looks
Height: Short
Weight: Light
Hometown: North Town
Treasure: His Three Friends
Likes: Heroism
Dislikes: Mourning
Weapon: Heads
Class: Hero Puppet
Desperation Attack: Legend Headbutt
Special Ability: Headcase - By buying or finding Head power-ups, Headdy can consume them to use a devastating attack on his enemies!

[Image: yarida_by_kugawattan-dboy99i.png]
Vigor: 42
Speed: 34
Stamina: 27
Magic Power: 33
Battle Power: 4
Defense: 31
Magic Defense: 21
Evade: 9%
MBlock: 4%
Run Success: 3
Age: Young
Height: Below-average
Weight: Light
Hometown: Patapolis
Treasure: His Mask
Likes: Music
Dislikes: Kacheek Meat
Weapon: Spears
Class: Uberhero Yaripon
Desperation Attack: Fear Spear
Special Ability: Jump - Channeling the power of a Piekron, Yarida can leap with his spear and land on his enemies with it, dealing massive damage while avoiding danger!

[Image: athena__by_kugawattan-dboy9bw.png]
Vigor: 43
Speed: 32
Stamina: 39
Magic Power: 27
Battle Power: 4
Defense: 38
Magic Defense: 18
Evade: 15%
MBlock: 5%
Run Success: 3
Age: Early twenties
Height: Tall
Weight: Average
Hometown: Unknown (Elpis for a while)
Treasure: Lance Assassin Medal of Honor
Likes: Peace and stability
Dislikes: Taking evil jobs for money
Weapon: Knives, Swords
Class: Gladiator
Desperation Attack: Kinetic Nova
Special Ability: Aspis - A technology she can customize on any shield she is currently equipped. Upon taking damage, the Shield's power activates and can be used once at the enemy, gaining in strenght as she levels up.

[Image: twila_16_bit_portrait_by_kugawattan-da4dgj7.png]
Vigor: 44
Speed: 38
Stamina: 35
Magic Power: 23
Battle Power: 4
Defense: 33
Magic Defense: 22
Evade: 13%
MBlock: 5%
Run Success: 5
Age: Young
Height: Below-average
Weight: Below-average
Hometown: A giant beanstalk, recently the Teensies' Castle
Treasure: Her Chain-stretching Sword
Likes: Acrobatic jumping
Dislikes: Not moving
Weapon: Swords, Chainswords
Class: Barbarian
Desperation Attack: Brutal Chop
Special Ability: Swordplay - By employing different combinations of moves, Twila can unleas many kinds of different sword attacks to be able to fight any enemy she meets!

[Image: bartz_16_bit_portrait_by_kugawattan-da4g9z1.png]
Vigor: 38
Speed: 35
Stamina: 32
Magic Power: 33
Battle Power: 4
Defense: 38
Magic Defense: 26
Evade: 9%
MBlock: 6%
Run Success: 3
Age: Young
Height: Above average
Weight: Average
Hometown: Lix
Treasure: The biggest Chocobo feather
Likes: Adventuring
Dislikes: Small worlds
Weapon: Knives, Swords, Spears, Katana
Class: Wanderer
Desperation Attack: Finisher
Special Ability: Mimic - Result of 999 hours of training, Bartz is keen on implementing other's abilities on his arsenal, for no MP cost!

[Image: tella_16_bit_portrait_by_kugawattan-da4g9zt.png]
Vigor: 47
Speed: 53
Stamina: 29
Magic Power: 21
Battle Power: 6
Defense: 29
Magic Defense: 16
Evade: 18%
MBlock: 6%
Run Success: 5
Age: Young
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Hometown: Metal Country
Treasure: Pencercorp 3000 Disguise and Cloaking device 
Likes: Mechanics
Dislikes: Weaklings
Weapon: Gloves, Wrenches
Class: Battle Engineer
Desperation Attack: Focus Punch
Special Ability: Program - being the brainiac she is, Tella can swiftly approach a mechanical enemy and within seconds she will be under her control, allowing her to use their attacks on their own team!

[Image: ness_by_kugawattan-dboy9ac.png]
Vigor: 39
Speed: 29
Stamina: 41
Magic Power: 40
Battle Power: 4
Defense: 32
Magic Defense: 35
Evade: 9%
MBlock: 10%
Run Success: 2
Age: 13-14
Height: Short
Weight: Light
Hometown: Onett
Treasure: A signed, cracked baseball bat.
Likes: Baseball, Rock
Dislikes: Kidnappers
Weapon: Baseball Bats
Class: Psychic Boy
Desperation Attack: Magicant Blast
Special Ability: PSI - As Ness Levels up, new levels of PSI Rockin' (Deals damage) and PSI Flash (Deals status effects) are unlocked!

[Image: paula_by_kugawattan-dboy9a5.png]
Vigor: 32
Speed: 36
Stamina: 31
Magic Power: 43
Battle Power: 2
Defense: 33
Magic Defense: 40
Evade: 7%
MBlock: 11%
Run Success: 3
Age: 13-14
Height: Short
Weight: Light
Hometown: Twoson
Treasure: Mr. Saturn Ribbon
Likes: Performing PSI
Dislikes: Kidnappers
Weapon: Frying Pans
Class: Miracle Girl
Desperation Attack: The Player's Aid
Special Ability: Pray - Different beneficial outcomes are provided on the party the more time she spends praying!

[Image: coco_by_kugawattan-dboy9bk.png]
Vigor: 38
Speed: 35
Stamina: 40
Magic Power: 28
Battle Power: 5
Defense: 34
Magic Defense: 25
Evade: 12%
MBlock: 9%
Run Success: 4
Age: Young (since she's setient)
Height: Short
Weight: Light
Hometown: N. Sanity Island
Treasure: The Flying Queen, Mechabandicoot's chainsaw arm
Likes: Browsing the Internet
Dislikes: Bugs
Weapon: Gloves, Special
Class: Bandicoot
Desperation Attack: Fatal Search
Special Ability: Tools - being a noteworthy gadgeteer, Coco can swiftly use a variety of tools she has aquired through the story, allowing crazy stuff to happen!

[Image: avgn_by_kugawattan-da4gcnm.png]
Vigor: 31
Speed: 35
Stamina: 45
Magic Power: 36
Battle Power: 4
Defense: 28
Magic Defense: 35
Evade: 6%
MBlock: 10%
Run Success: 3
Age: 35 (Younger than he looks)
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Hometown: New Jersey, United States
Treasure: Gray Nintendo World Championships cartridge
Likes: Swearing
Dislikes: Playing shitty games
Weapon: Games, special
Class: Caustic Nerd
Desperation Attack: Atomic F-Bomb
Special Ability: F*ck - The Nerd's command as featured in his Ghosts and Goblins review, depending on which ability you pick different outcomes may happen!

[Image: tasslehoff_16_bit_portrait_by_kugawattan-da4g9zp.png]
Vigor: 28
Speed: 51
Stamina: 33
Magic Power: 32
Battle Power: 3
Defense: 29
Magic Defense: 31
Evade: 19%
MBlock: 12%
Run success: 5
Age: Older than he looks or thinks
Height: Short
Weight: Light
Hometown: Kendermore
Treasure: His maps
Likes: Picking locks
Dislikes: Being told to shut up
Weapon: Knives, Swords, Spears
Class: Kender
Desperation Attack: None yet
Special Ability: Steal - Tasslehoff won't tell you his ability is called steal! For him, it's just that his enemies dropped stuff from their pockets and he picks them up to not let them go to waste!

[Image: gilgamesh_by_kugawattan-dboy9b4.png]
Vigor: 48
Speed: 31
Stamina: 49
Magic Power: 31
Battle Power: 6
Defense: 40
Magic Defense: 26
Evade: 4%
MBlock: 4%
Run Success: 5
Age: ??
Height: Tall
Weight: Heavy
Hometown: The Interdimensional Rift
Treasure: Excalipoor
Likes: Swords of legend
Dislikes: Being banished
Weapon: Knives, Swords, Spears, Katana
Class: Swordsman
Desperation Attack: Ultimate Illusion
Special Ability: Lore - With monster blood running on him, Gilgamesh can learn monsters' special attacks and use them himself. Already comes equipped with plenty of these and whises to expand his arsenal!

[Image: conky_by_kugawattan-dboy9bh.png]
Vigor: 50
Speed: 22
Stamina: 46
Magic Power: 10
Battle Power: 8
Defense: 92
Magic Defense: 19
Evade: 2%
MBlock: 2%
Run success: 2
Age: Middle-aged (for a Pokémon lifespan)
Height: 4'07"
Weight: 191.8 lbs.
Hometown: Coldfront's mines
Treasure: Concrete pillars
Likes: Beating stuff up, eating Sitrus Berries
Dislikes: The Metaphysical
Weapon: Concrete
Class: Pokemon
Desperation Attack: None
Special Ability: Berserk - Conkeldurr has lost her trainer, so she can only act on her own, but her attacks are horrifingly powerful! You can even teach her new moves via TMs for added destruction!

Step forward, spriters! We are also responsible to make hacks look new and fresh, we are no less important than code or ASM hackers! CHARGE!!

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