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Behind the Scenes

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Thought I'd talk about interesting trivia and other tidbits from my hack. I'll also talk about what didn't get to be and explain some parts of the background events.

Early content
  • Locke was initially replaced with Zidane, and I clearly remember taking FFIX's Zidane portrait and trying to bring it down to 18 colors-a disaster, even worse after I heard someone on the forum saying "this portrait looks more like a sprite instead of a half asses attempt at fitting a real portrait into 18 colors".
  • Replacing Celes would have been Coco Bandicoot...but because I couldn't sprite, crazy as it may sound, Coco had been morphed into a human being. It was using a recolored Celes sprite. I don't remember much else about that, except that
  • N. Gin would replace Cid, and he would have a more tame friendly "mechanic" rivalry, with N. Gin pulling a Heel-Face turn and oppose the bad guys.
  • Kefka would have been replaced by the Palamecian Emperor. It was very out of place to see him walk around. I tried to edit the dialogue to make him look like he was a field unit, but it was still awkward.
  • A Dragoon character, with Kain's sprite and name but not the Kain from FFIV would have been a party member. He would have had a running gag about relating everything to spears, sometimes saying "Spear!" out of the blue. At the world of ruin we would discover that he had been cursed by CD-i Ganon with "The YouTube Poop Curse", explaining his behaviour. Killing Ganon would turn him back to normal.
  • A crazy out-of-place boss would be a Giant Rabbid robot in place of Valigarmanda
Cut/replaced content
  • Before I knew how to event edit, Edgar was replaced by Dorgann Klauser, Bartz's father (Bartz was and still is my Sabin replacement). Dorgann would have been a Blue Mage. This way, I could edit the dialogue on their scenes so it doesn't look so farfetched. What got Bartz leaving his father's castle was on the search of Boko, who had suddenly left. After defeating Gilgamesh, we would find out Boko was killed after being experimented on by big bad Dr. Schadenfreude. After replacing Dorgann with Twila, this event was removed, but it may make an appearance later.
  • Speaking of which, Bartz originally had an ability mirroring that of Gogo, with his interchangeable commands (but with permanent Attack and Item, like a freelancer. We couldn't get this to work unfortunately, and you were still able to remove the item command, and replacing anything with the Attack command would make you permanently lose a spot. Now that I've gone with a Dissidian look, I slapped Mimic on his command and that's it. Though, after seeing Lorial's command that does something depending on your teammates...that's even more fitting than true Mimic Bartz does now.
  • Initially Cyan's replacement was Ban the Tatepon, a Patapon of Legend. He would have had the Blitz command, reskinned it so that it would be reminiscent of inputting a drum beat from his home game. After unfortunately having to give the Blitz command to Twila due to lacking options, Ban was turned into Yarida and given the Jump command as Yaripons do.
  • Helping Headdy save Terra would have been eleven different nerds (this was before I could do event editing). Each of them with an unique internet personality name: AVGN, André, Craig, Joe, Spoony, Jon, etc. Even the Irate Gamer made an appearance, fittingly with the worst stats :P I would replace this with the much more fitting Conkeldurr appearance. Also, the Nerd had Slots, and with luck it could one-shot the HECU boss, so this was killing two birds with one stone.
  • Before Headdy would take Bartz's scenario, Gilgamesh would have been the boss replacing Zeigfried. He would comment he would even go to haunted trains to the afterlife just to obtain a rare sword. After the change, Gilgamesh was replaced with Best Hercules for three reasons: keeping the weak boss joke, Bartz was no longer there (they're rivals after all), and the fact that it was technically a skippable boss.
  • The MeeM was intended to be an early enemy, but due to the Medibird's presence (another character from OluapPlayer, who also made the MeeM) it was cut from the game.
  • The Ghost Train was going to be same boss. He would comment that none of your party members could know Suplex and gloated he couldn't possibly lose now.
  • The Cattlesnake appeared in the fields around Mystic Pike. It was changed to the Muttshroom because the Cattlesnake is infamous for being a docile yet strong as ship enemy, unsuitable for so early in the game.
  • Piloswine would replace the Megalodoth because both looked similar. It was changed with something much more fitting.

The planet, an anomaly in space-time continuum, had various kingdoms: The rivals Patapon and Zigoton tribes on the eastern lands, the HECU and the Teensies, friend but unrelated kingdoms at north, the inhospitable desert, where the habitants of Old Haven moved from to form New Haven, is located in the western continent. Further south Dark Demon's castle was located. The southern continent was ruled by the Palamecian empire mostly, though underground organizations like Pencer's metal army in the middle of the ocean managed to avoid his tyrannical grasp. The Palamecian Empire would often try to take down the HECU, but the difficult and harsh travel from south no north, as well as the HECU and allies strong opposition made each conquest a failure.
Two isles isolated from the rest of the world would be the highly populated "Paris" island, unfortunately for them, and the almost only animal-populated "N. Sanity Island", unfortunately near the toxic wastes of The Palamecian and Pencer's Robot Country's factories.

Headdy almost handedly stopped Dark Demon, destroying his castle and trapping Trouble Bruin in the Teensies' prison and his soldiers dispersed, later to join Schadenfreude but having no clue what they're doing. Headdy would join the HECU after this event. Rayman, who in turn traveled around beating bad guys (clearing the Mystic Pike in the process) would occasionally help him, forming a strong bond.

Using the Nymph's magic, Twila and her sisters would travel to the moon, where the Dark Teensies were scheming. After they got the situation under control, Twila requested to be brought back, got her wish granted and got back to the planet.

That's about as much as there it is to it. I might remember other things as I hack on. Until next time!

Step forward, spriters! We are also responsible to make hacks look new and fresh, we are no less important than code or ASM hackers! CHARGE!!

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