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Patch: Restored Ability Names (Update)

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Unfortunately, it is not a totally clean replacement. At the very least, you will have some now-unused data sitting in free space, and the normally all-caps menu items will still be mixed case as in v1.x. There also appear to be a few bytes related to the field dialog script that are not as expected. Lastly, any additional data you may have in the expanded portion of the ROM will be overwritten.

That said, I just did some brief testing and it seems to play okay. FF3usME does not report any corruption with the script editor. So, you might be able to get away with it.

Another option is to create your own upgrade IPS patch with LunarIPS -- set the "ORIGINAL UNMODIFIED" file to a ROM with R.A.N. v1.6 freshly applied, and set the "NEW MODIFIED" file to a ROM with R.A.N. v2.0 freshly applied. You should then be able to use that new IPS file to cleanly upgrade a project that is based on R.A.N v1.6 to v2.0.

Attached one such upgrade for the Multi-Steal compatible version, "full" variant, non-headered.

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Roger, thanks, I'll give it a shot. Don't have time today but can try tomorrow and will get back to you then Smile

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