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Loading Sprites into VRAM

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I'm currently working on the code that draws the characters on the save screen (eventually headed to the other similar cases such as character select and shops). Actually, I'm working on the code before this, back where the sprites are loaded into VRAM.

From what I can tell, it simply goes down the table of graphics pointers in CF/ and loads 22 entries. No checks, just loads the entire list, and loads it to the matching table of VRAM locations.

What I need it to do, is check what sprite is assigned to each actor, before loading it, then go to that entry, in that table, for the correct address instead of always making the assumption that actor 0 always uses sprite 0. This should allow for any sprite sheet to be loaded and displayed properly since it would be in vram correctly. (Sure there are other issues that could cause problems on the save screen... maybe but one step at a time.)

The big question is, what could I check, at that point in the code (C3/ being run before any game is loaded) in order to get the value of each sprite's assigned graphic?  

The code for making Locke dressed as a soldier or merchant doesn't help because it just checks an event bit then forces the correction. After the normal code is run, I think.

Still looking into it, but any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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