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Gau Dress Up game! Sprite Sheet

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What I need/am requesting/want are sprites for the "Meeting with Gau's Father" skit.

Going to have to rework a couple things in the evemt and while I'm at it salvage an extra sprite sheet, while I'm at it, and because I can (probably) going to show off some of what my current project can do. Already have a few things planned but I'd like something more. I'm going to keep one sheet dedicated to Gau's other outfits (the failed ideas before they put him in a suit) meaning a full sheet of potential BAD IDEAS.

If you wonder what that means, watch the skit on youtube for a refresher. Now I will not be adding more dialog, pretty much every character there already makes a suggestion Setzer says an outfit like his, Celes "this is nice... but should find something that looks good on gau". Think Cyan makes a comment about something something with a rose in his teeth.

The game already has a Sabin and a Locke outfit for Gau, I plan on using them as well less someone provides better. So the challenge!

As of now, the requirements are:ese
Uses vanilla palette 00
Will not be in battle so color ORDER doesn't matter, including the use of the last 4 colors.
I need POSES, not a full sheet. One or two prefered, maybe three if they are good. (Maybe a surprised, or a scared, followed by a "dead" pose, maybe just a straight ahead and a left facing, arms up ect) Just some poses and possibly movement.

This is just a funny skit, if you can slap Gau's head on Setzer's body and make it look decent in palette 0? Then its good! It should be goofy looking, that is the point.

Put him in a dress, put him in a barrel, have him ducked down in his attack pose wearing a big red amd white Cat in the Hat ... hat. Trying to have fun with this. Icould probably work in a few extra clothes that they don't specifically say in the dialog (remember not changing dialog here, just event) but would need to be worth it.

I'm sure someone out there is able to slap something funny together right quick that would be worth a pose.

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