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Character Info Breakdown

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[Image: qOPB3A6.png]
[Image: LGZmpE5.png]

Might: 25
Speed: 25
Stamina: 20
Magic Power: 35
Battle Power: 12
Defense: 18
Magic Defense: 33
Evade: 6%
MBlock: 10%
Run Success: 4
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Zodiac: Gemini
Blood Type: ??
Hometown: Glow City
Treasure: Pendant
Likes: Mountains
Dislikes: Clowns
Weapon: Swords, Knifes, Rods
Class: Battlemage
Desperation Attack: Deus Blade
Special Ability: Morph - Aurora can morph herself into an esper for 99 MP. In esper form she deals increased spell damage by 25% and receives 50% less damage for as long as she remains an esper.

[Image: D8EvG9K.png]
[Image: AYLBT7h.png]

Might: 35
Speed: 30
Stamina: 28
Magic Power: 25
Battle Power: 32
Defense: 22
Magic Defense: 22
Evade: 10%
MBlock: 2%
Run Success: 3
Age: 24
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 147 lbs.
Zodiac: Taurus
Blood Type: AB
Hometown: Stardust Village
Treasure: Buster Sword
Likes: Hair gel
Dislikes: Cross-dressing
Weapon: Swords
Class: Mercenary (Former Imperial soldier)
Desperation Attack: Omnishredder
Special Ability: Limit Break - By charging up his energy, Cloud can use powerful physical and magical techniques with his sword that can severely damage the enemy or even kill them outright.

[Image: NKQjRDi.png]
[Image: HfkQez3.png]
Might: 31
Speed: 28
Stamina: 32
Magic Power: 30
Battle Power: 38
Defense: 23
Magic Defense: 20
Evade: 4%
MBlock: 6%
Run Success: 3
Age: 32
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 158 lbs.
Zodiac: Virgo
Bloodtype: A
Hometown: Dragonia
Treasure: Family
Likes: Fishing
Dislikes: Cowards
Weapon: Katanas
Class: Havoc Knight
Desperation Attack: Sublime Eclipse
Special Ability: Havoc Sword - Avalon can channel his mysterious power into a sword that damages all enemies by an amount that is equal to his current HP, and inflicts a random negative status effect for good measure.

[Image: uq6au7g.png]
[Image: GD5rKvX.png]

Might: 32
Speed: 42
Stamina: 23
Magic Power: 28
Battle Power: 25
Defense: 20
Magic Defense: 25
Evade: 28%
MBlock: 5%
Run Success: 5
Age: 30
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Zodiac: Libra
Bloodtype: O
Hometown: ??
Treasure: Sacred Scroll of the Shinobi
Likes: Dogs
Dislikes: Nightmares
Weapon: Knifes, Boomerangs, Unique, Ninja
Class: Assassin
Desperation Attack: Fury Claw
Special Ability: Throw, Steal - Oboro can throw shurikens and other weapons at enemies for 75% extra damage. The stronger the weapon thrown, the more damage it does. Best of all, it piereces the enemy's defense.
With the Thief Glove, Oboro can substitute his magic and use his thieving skills to attempt to steal an item from a monster.

[Image: mjzHEK3.png]
[Image: mx5fKs0.png]

Might: 33
Speed: 27
Stamina: 30
Magic Power: 23
Battle Power: 35
Defense: 30
Magic Defense: 22
Evade: 6%
MBlock: 4%
Run Success: 2
Age: 28
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 169 lbs.
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Daventry
Treasure: Two-headed coin
Likes: Ladies
Dislikes: Politics
Weapon: Swords, Spears, Guns
Class: Vanquisher
Desperation Attack: Crisis Piller
Special Ability: Aether - By mastering an arcane form of chemistry, Serin can craft 'Aethers' found throughout the world into powerful magical sword techniques that cripple his foes.

[Image: ZB21Nef.png]
[Image: rp0x2FV.png]

Might: 35
Speed: 30
Stamina: 40
Magic Power: 20
Battle Power: 45
Defense: 35
Magic Defense: 23
Evade: 16%
MBlock: 10%
Run Success: 4
Age: 27
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 233 lbs.
Zodiac: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Daventry
Treasure: Himalayan Chimpanzee Black Tea
Likes: Meditating
Dislikes: Shirts
Weapon: Claws, Gloves
Class: Kenetic Monk
Desperation Attack: Devil's Flash
Special Ability: Combo - Ronan is a powerful monk and can use his fists and inner chi power to deal more damage than any weapon can do. Once you input the correct command, Ronan will unleash a devastating attack that is capable of taking down even the strongest foe.

[Image: ogR0RCq.png]
[Image: siT5f0O.png]

Might: 37
Speed: 35
Stamina: 30
Magic Power: 32
Battle Power: 40
Defense: 33
Magic Defense: 30
Evade: 19%
MBlock: 9%
Run Success: 5
Age: 23
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 128 lbs.
Zodiac: Aeris
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Glow City
Treasure: Boobs
Likes: Singing
Dislikes: Stereotypes
Weapon: Gloves, Claws
Class: Fighter
Desperation Attack: Meteo Drive
Special Ability: Reels - As a result of water-elemental magic infusions, Tifa can harness her artificial power to randomly fire off fierce water-based attacks and even summon a random esper from the Void.

[Image: lw9Gvmm.png]
[Image: ap3AIM2.png]

Might: 30
Speed: 33
Stamina: 24
Magic Power: 45
Battle Power: 20
Defense: 16
Magic Defense: 36
Evade: 5%
MBlock: 15%
Run Success: 2
Age: ??
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 98 lbs.
Zodiac: ??
Bloodtype: O
Hometown: Jericho
Treasure: Diary
Likes: Planetary science
Dislikes: Lying
Weapon: Rods, Unique
Class: Loremaster
Desperation Attack: Black Hole
Special Ability: Lore - FuSoYa can learn a monster's special attacks and use them to his advantage. Once he sees a monster use its ability, he learns that ability for future use.

[Image: MrvyMpn.png]
[Image: BZ3ZVjU.png]

Might: 27
Speed: 36
Stamina: 24
Magic Power: 48
Battle Power: 18
Defense: 15
Magic Defense: 38
Evade: 13%
MBlock: 10%
Run Success: 3
Age: 8
Height: 4'0"
Weight: 88 lbs.
Zodiac: Scorpio
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Jericho
Treasure: Dragon Rod
Likes: Moogles
Dislikes: Bedtime
Weapon: Rods, Unique
Class: Summoner
Desperation Attack: Karmic Dance
Special Ability: Summon - Eiko is able to summon any esper from the esper pool as many times throughout battle as her MP permits.

[Image: HgJ9BFP.png]
[Image: seykVQl.png]

Might: 46
Speed: 36
Stamina: 43
Magic Power: 28
Battle Power: 32
Defense: 30
Magic Defense: 26
Evade: 9%
MBlock: 3%
Run Success: 3
Age: 41 (he thinks)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Zodiac: Pisces
Blood Type: AB
Hometown: Glow City
Treasure: The "Wyvern"
Likes: Drinking Rum
Dislikes: Landlubbers
Weapon: Swords, Spears, Guns, Unique
Class: Swashbuckler
Desperation Attack: Starflare Bombs
Special Ability: Jump - Having been trained as a Dragoon, Otis is able to jump amazing heights into the air and crash down on his opponents for double damage. Using a spear increases the damage even further.
Otis can also swap out his Jump skill for the much heavier Cannon skill, in which he fires off cannons at his enemies dealing damage equal to the amount of Gil the party currently has.

[Image: mmHgKeY.png]
[Image: mHKRGPw.png]

Might: 37
Speed: 36
Stamina: 35
Magic Power: 33
Battle Power: 23
Defense: 26
Magic Defense: 32
Evade: 10%
MBlock: 12%
Run Success: 5
Age: 11
Height: 3'0"
Weight: 95 lbs.
Zodiac: ??
Bloodtype: ??
Hometown: Mines of Fraust
Treasure: Cigars
Likes: Dancing
Dislikes: People who touch his pom-pom.
Weapon: Spears, Boomerangs
Class: Moogle
Desperation Attack: Laser Light Show
Special Ability: Dance - Mog is a slam-dancing moogle and can use his dance for magical Geomancer effects. He can choose a different dance his next turn.

[Image: GuXLIAV.png]
[Image: EKtgXMA.png]

Might: 37
Speed: 29
Stamina: 34
Magic Power: 27
Battle Power: 30
Defense: 32
Magic Defense: 28
Evade: 8%
MBlock: 8%
Run success: 5
Age: 10
Height: 4'2"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Zodiac: Aquarius
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Elwood
Treasure: Talisman
Likes: Outdoor survival
Dislikes: Criminals
Weapon: Many kinds
Class: Onion Knight
Desperation Attack: None
Special Ability: Runic - Taining as an Onion Knight at a very young age, Arc has learned to absorb many different kinds of spells cast by the enemy, rendering them harmless and restoring some of his HP in the process.

[Image: pwCNjNO.png]
[Image: Bav7ept.png]

Might: 53
Speed: 40
Stamina: 40
Magic Power: 45
Battle Power: 48
Defense: 30
Magic Defense: 53
Evade: 15%
MBlock: 18%
Run Success: 4
Age: ??
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 192 lbs.
Zodiac: ??
Bloodtype: ??
Hometown: ??
Treasure: ??
Likes: Powerful Magic
Dislikes: Weakness
Weapon: Swords, Unique
Class: Sorcerer
Desperation Attack: Genesis Rock
Special Ability: Torment - Golbez can use his powerful dark influence to warp the mind of his opponents, crippling them into submission and allowing him use of their special attacks against them.

[Image: YPMx3Os.png]
[Image: y248ikr.png]

Might: 45
Speed: 54
Stamina: 42
Magic Power: 40
Battle Power: 99
Defense: 25
Magic Defense: 40
Evade: 40%
MBlock: 10%
Age: ??
Height: 2'10"
Weight: 0 lbs.
Zodiac: ??
Blood Type: ??
Hometown: Mines of Fraust
Treasure: None
Likes: Darkness
Dislikes: The Sun
Weapon: None
Class: Heartless
Desperation Attack: None
Special Ability: Mimic - By mimicing other's shadows, Shadow can mimic the last action performed by a party member. This powerful ability allows Shadow to do basically anything the other characters can.

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