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RotDS v2.9.4 download

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Woohoo! Thanks for the Christmas update.
Now I really want to play this again, especially since it's been over a year since the last time I played this back when it was version 1.0.
Now how am I supposed to chose between this, finishing BNW, or SMRPG Armageddon? Hmm

One question, how limited is the limited esper patch? Is it less limited than BNW?

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It's not as strict as BNW, pretty much due to the fact that there are no esper bonuses. Each character can have 10 equipable espers. I did put some planning into it however, trying to match up the esper to the character's personality basically, as opposed to spells. The later epsers with exclusive spells are much less widespread though.

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Who like updates? We like updates! Right when I thought all was good to go for a while with 1.4.5, I was suddenly blessed with the need to do another update.

This one though is actually important:


- fixed a possible issue of the song used to battle Ultros 2 at the Opera House glitching up, and the song directly after it. This was an issue on snes9x, not sure about real hardware though. zsnes didn't have the issue.
- slightly edited Cloud's actions when he is acting with Ultros.
- fixed some garbage looking tiles on the Serpent Trench map that was caused by the motherfucking level editor spilling data over by 1 byte upon saving.
- turned down the encounter rate in Serpent Trench Caves.
- touched up the WoB overworld forest tiles just a bit more.

We are born, live, die and then do the same thing over again.

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Wow, did I f**k up! In version 1.4.3 I changed Cloud's 7th limit into Finishing Touch, and I was playing today and used it against a boss and noticed that it killed it (the boss) instantly! I forgot to enable a custom flag regarding bosses and death protection, so it would kill anything and everything unless it missed.
So needless to say, version 1.4.6 was very short lived. Version 1.4.7 is up and fixes that horrible mistake.


- corrected a horrible, horrible unforgivable mistake with Cloud's Finishing Touch Limit that caused it to kill anything...

I'm gonna go crawl into a hole now.

We are born, live, die and then do the same thing over again.

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Updated to v1.4.8:


- fixed a small issue of monster Omnigear having some blank dialog text in battle.
- touched up a bit of various dialog.
- gave an extra sound effect to Otis when he jumps down from the opera ceiling.
- fixed a very hard to notice small issue from the original game with the soldier not falling down far enough (sticking) after getting hit by the minecart, after the minecart ride.
- touched up the WoB battle victory fanfare (Saga Frontier - Victory!) just an instrument volume thing.
- bettered a tiny bit of the 'big event' on the Floating Continent.
- swapped Golbez and Shadow's (Heartless) ending scenes.
- nerfed Meteo damage ever so slightly.

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Version 1.5 is completed!
Page 1 for download:

Quite a lot has been achieved, and fixed up. I was waiting around for a couple more things to be done (nothing major) while I was testing the hell out of all this, but I'm not sure how much longer they will take, so in the meantime we might as well release this behemoth of an update. One more updated look at the change log:


- customized the intro credits with staff names & etc. (thanks to abw)
- Dance and Rage descriptions in the menu have been added. (thanks to dn for the code)
- put spell/skill window descriptions back to normal size, removed the class name in these menus and re-sized the skills windows on the left just a tad.
- edited some weapons to randomly cast spells outside of the normal spell range.(thanks and credit to HatZen)
- edited Mog's Dance names.
- fixed a bad issue with Hades summon killing anything and everything.
- fixed the issue of Reaper losing his Rages at times.
- fixed an issue of Otis not coming with his spells if Oboro is in the party.
- fixed up some quotation issues with items in menu.
- fixed all the maps that palette 6 characters looked glitched-colored on.
- fixed some bad tile palette issue for the sealed gate map and battle background.
- fixed 'Oboro Buu' in the colosseum. (thanks and credit to leet Sketcher)
- fixed a possible freeze with a record player song event in WoR Mobliz.
- fixed an issue of Ronan learning Bum Rush when he's not supposed to.
- fixed a possible issue of Neko vanishing in the Fraust battle event.
- fixed a shared treasure bit.
- fixed a bad issue of Oboro's sprite sticking on map after Sealed Gate battle.
- fixed an issue of Oak not being able to die if went to Cliffs.
- fixed a possible weird event issue with Oak going to the airship.
- fixed Wyvern Lance to randomly cast Wind Slash again, it somehow was removed.
- fixed an issue of the wrong sprite for Oboro in his last dream.
- fixed up a couple New Game + issues with statuses being carried over, and Arvis walking through walls.
- fixed a very hard to notice bad tile in Kefka's Tower from the original game.
- fixed an issue of the Narshe Mayor being erased from his house for some time.
- new generic male sprite. (thanks and credit to Kugawattan)
- new generic old man sprite. (thanks and credit to Kugawattan)
- new generic old woman sprite. (thanks and credit to Kugawattan)
- new generic boy sprite. (thanks and credit to Kugawattan)
- new generic girl sprite. (thanks and credit to Badass)
- new generic woman sprite. (thanks and credit to James White and Kugawattan)
- changed up a couple of the Dance set spells.
- changed some spell names.
- changed the spells Otis comes with.
- changed Oboro's true name from 'Akira' to 'Slade', just because I like it better for him.
- changed a couple moogles' names in the moogle battle.
- changed kingdom of 'Daventry' to 'Dalzenia', and 'Castle Daventry' to 'Durandal Castle'.
- changed 'Dragonia' to 'Draconia'.
- changed Aurora's mother's name to Eliza, and gave her a unique palette and slight story change.
- changed Astral's class to 'Wizard'.
- changed Red Apple item name to Mystic Fruit.
- changed 'attack' command back to 'fight' to allow for X-fight to show correctly.
- put back colored mblock shield animation thanks to a patch by Leet sketcher.
- gave Eiko intercepter status after Thamasa, until the end of the WoB. And then again in the WoR once Oboro is recruited.
- gave Ultros 3 a unique battle music.
- gave FFII Town song a better flute instrument.
- gave Aurora some different dialog in the airship, before releasing the espers.
- corrected meteo's spell intro to black magic.
- made the heartless not need those Relics in order to do his special fight skills.
- made it so healing items can no longer damage undead, just healing magic.
- made thrown items blockable and thrown magical items reflectable.
- added more reverb to the load game screen song.
- added some more location names that pop up when you enter certain maps.
- replaced the 2 Heartless-exclusive Relics for 'Beast Hide' and 'Band-Aid' items.
- replaced the 'Pimp Cane' for 'Scrap Metal'.
- Tank Shield now is -5 speed, boosted defense lots.
- Arc can no longer equip Cloud's Buster Sword or Apocalypse, or Otis's Anchor weapons.
- touched up Lufia 2 - Sinistrals song. (bass was too loud)
- disabled menu access when going through the trans-dimensional gateway to avoid the 'song' from cutting out when scrolling through items.
- buffed the Ice Dragon. (Coldfang)
- X-Fight now shows up correctly in battle, with the Divine Gift relic. (credit to Leet Sketcher)
- used more of Leet Sketcher's patches he's recently made. (credit to Leet Sketcher)
- nerfed God Hand weapon's damage.
- removed & changed the poison, berserk, and zombie status coloring effects so they no longer look weird on Golbez - Zombie now glows purple, the other two have no coloring. (included a patch to change this back if wanted)
- removed the 255 hour timer due to a bug with Step Mine...hopefully this can be re-added.
- corrected an unwanted song change in the metroid house in Twilight Vista.
- shortened the location name window time by a touch.
- some dialog script changes.
- put in more work on a lot of battle scripts.
- put in a new Summon intro graphic, and a couple other spell graphic edits. (credit to Tsushiy)
- Rod Magic and other equipment used as items now remove Clear status. (thanks and credit to seibaby)
- Increasing Stamina stat now gives slightly more hp gain upon level up. (credit to Madsiur)

As always, thanks one and all for playing and helping with these update with reports and feedback, and of course those who helped work on it in some way. Hope you guys enjoy version 1.5. There will be no more big updates like this for a long time, but probably little ones as they come. Hopefully just not for things I messed up on again...

guyz, i dun goofed. In my infinite wisdom and classic rotds new version release fashion, I managed to knock out the natural stat growth with a recent patch that was implemented, and just now I find this out... SO, if you downloaded the v1.5 update earlier today, please re-download. Thanks!

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Quote:guyz, i dun goofed.
Consequences will never be the same!!!

Nice job anyway  Wink

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goodjob man. time to make the instruction booklet, box and alternate label hehe

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Already had to update yet again. Back to the three digit version # again sigh. Nothing too bad but I neglected to see during my testing that the Recharge! item was still insta-killing Undead, so now it can't target monsters at all problem solved okay back to not working on this hack >_>.


- Recharge! Item can no longer target enemy.
- Corrected a small quirk with the Skull Train battle.
- Big Daddy enemy can no longer be Controlled.
- Varia Suit can be equipped by all now.

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There is one more thing fool, new cloud sprite, I've been waiting for your response so I could send it to you, you know damn well you can't have a 1.5 without him fool lol

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