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Official FF6: Beyond Chaos thread (randomizer)

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I haven't played a round all the way to the end. I usually get a random set-up that makes progression impossible (Getting player characters that kill themselves/the team, going up against an enemy that they can't beat without alot of grinding, etc), however this is easily one of the most awesome programs available for FF6. I love it, and I'm going to continue using it and experimenting with it when I have the time.

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Yeah, Beyond Chaos is basically done. I'm getting ready to make an official submission to, but I want to do another playthrough of it myself first. I did make an update recently... but that was because someone gave me a new idea that I couldn't resist using, as one final sucker punch for the player. So make sure you grab version 41, if you dare.

It's fine with me if you use savestates or however you want to play the game, by the way... I was able to play through the whole game on an actual Super Nintendo, but obviously the difficulty depends on your specific randomization.
Beyond Chaos is a full-game randomizer for FF6.

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I wanted a way to show Beyond Chaos in action, so I created a video trailer out of some highlights from my runs. Check it out!

Also, I completely rewrote the project README with some frequently asked questions and other stuff.
FF6 Beyond Chaos Randomizer
Version:    45
Date:       February 21, 2015

Running the randomizer:
    Windows users may use the executable file, "beyondchaos.exe". Other users, please run "" using Python version 2.7

Source rom file:
    The randomizer will ask for a rom file. Beyond Chaos does not provide this rom. Put the file in the same directory as Beyond Chaos and simply input the file name. The rom used should be the unheadered FF3 US 1.0 rom. If you use an incorrect or modified rom, the randomizer will warn you before continuing. To be sure, you can check that your rom is correct by comparing the checksum/hash:
    MD5 - e986575b98300f721ce27c180264d890
    CRC32 - a27f1c7a

Seed value:
    Next, the randomizer will ask for a seed value. If you don't know which seed you want, just leave this blank and the randomizer will choose one for you. The seed value is an integer number that can be used to share the same randomization with other people. It's like a signature for the game that Beyond Chaos creates. If you want to play the game along with a friend, you can use the same seed.

    Finally, the randomizer will ask for a list of flags. If you don't know which flags you want, just leave this blank and the randomizer will give you the standard setting: all flags. If you would like to customize your experience, here is a list of flags and what they do:
    Program Flags:
        v   Display each character's battle commands after randomization.
    Randomizer Flags:
        o   Shuffle characters' in-battle commands.
        w   Generate new commands for characters, replacing old commands.
        z   Always have "Sprint Shoes" effect.
        b   Make the game more balanced by removing exploits such as Joker Doom,
                Vanish/Doom, and the Evade/Mblock bug.
        m   Randomize enemy stats.
        c   Randomize palettes and names of various things.
        i   Randomize the stats of equippable items.
        q   Randomize what equipment each character can wear and character stats.
        e   Randomize esper spells and levelup bonuses.
        t   Randomize treasure, including chests, colosseum, shops, and enemy drops.
        u   Umaro risk. (Random character will be berserk)
        l   Randomize blitz inputs.
        n   Randomize window background colors.
        f   Randomize enemy formations.
        s   Swap character graphics around.
        p   Randomize the palettes of spells and weapon animations.
        d   Randomize final dungeon.
        a   Organize rages alphabetically (default)
        h   Organize rages by highest level first

Output rom file:
    The randomizer generates two files, a patched rom file, and a mini-FAQ. Both files will have the seed value in their name. To play the game, load the patched rom file in your emulator. The mini-FAQ is a text file that mainly includes information about where to get items; colosseum rewards, monster steals and drops, shop info, and monster rages are all included.

--- OVERVIEW ---

    Beyond Chaos is a randomizer, a program that remixes game content randomly, for FF6. Every time you run Beyond Chaos, it will generate a completely unique, brand-new mod of FF6 for you to challenge and explore. There are over 10 billion different possible randomizations! Nearly everything is randomized, including treasure, enemies, colors, graphics, character abilities, and more.
    Beyond Chaos is also customizable. Using the flags in the above section, you can choose to only randomize certain parts of the game. Every flag you select will make the game a little more random, and also a little more difficult. Therefore, even experienced players should be able to find some challenge in the resulting game. As the game progresses, enemies may become more and more difficult, so that it becomes necessary to develop specialized strategies for individual formations.
    Because of the extent and the severity of the modifications made by Beyond Chaos, it is not recommended for competitive play. It is mainly intended for casual play, though if you would like to play it competitively anyway, go for it. Also note that there is another FF6 randomizer intended for races, made by Dessyreqt and Lenophis, that makes more conservative changes. That one is simply called "FF6 Randomizer", or "FF6 Rando Classic Original Flavor".


1. To remix game content so thoroughly that even veteran FF6 fans can feel as though they are playing the game for the first time all over again.
2. To create a challenging and festive result that encourages memorable scenarios, without making the game impossible for a casual player to complete.
3. To create a tool that is useful to the FF6 rom hacking community by being both open source and accessible, and by showing off a wide variety of potential mods.

Q: I lost my seed number but I still have the rom. Can I find my seed number again?
A: If you didn't rename your rom file, the seed will be in the file name. Otherwise, the seed is written in the rom in the title section of the SNES header. Some emulators, like Snes9x, will display the title of the game when you load it, so you can see the seed value by looking at the title displayed by Snes9x. The address of this title in the rom is at 0xFFC0.

Q: I'm at Vargas but I don't have Blitz. How do I beat him?
A: You can defeat him normally without Blitz. His HP was lowered to make him beatable without much (if any) grinding.

Q: How do I defeat TunnelArmr without Runic?
A: Just kill it.

Q: How do I defeat Ultros at the Esper's hideout without Sketch?
A: Just kill it.

Q: The Moogle Charm doesn't work.
A: It was nerfed. FF6 uses a threat level based random encounter system, and Moogle Charm increases threat level by the lowest possible value without removing encounters altogether. The specifics are a bit complex, but you should think of it as having about a 1/256 encounter rate if you've been wearing it for a while. Also, some later dungeons might randomly ignore Moogle Charm altogether.

Q: I'm in a dungeon and the encounter rate is insanely high.
A: Some later dungeons have a chance to become high encounter rate dungeons. However, these dungeons are twice as vulnerable to the effects of Charm Bangle and Moogle Charm.

Q: The switches in the final dungeon don't seem to be working.
A: They work, I assure you... it seems like the game is just a bit buggy when a group it doesn't expect stands on the switch. Usually you can get it to work by cycling through every party while standing on the switch. In the worse case scenario (you rarely need to do this) have all other parties leave the room, then stand on the switch.

Q: I walked off of a map in the final dungeon and now I'm stuck out of bounds. Help!
A: Looks like you're screwed. Use a Warpstone or the spell Warp to leave the dungeon, or, if you don't have access to Warp, have another party walk back to the dungeon entrance and use the hook to return to the airship.

Q: The Fanatics Tower is really long. What gives?
A: I've made some changes to the Tower, with the intent to make it the most frustrating, obnoxious dungeon possible. If you're stuck, here are some hints in ROT13 format. Decode them if you're having trouble.
    Hint #1:  Vg'f zber qvssvphyg tbvat hc guna pbzvat qbja.
    Hint #2:  Qba'g trg qvfgenpgrq. Fgnl sbphfrq ba lbhe tbny, naq riraghnyyl lbh jvyy ernpu vg.
    Solution: Fbzr gernfher ebbzf ner gencf gung qebc lbh gb n ybjre yriry bs gur gbjre. Nibvq gur gernfher ebbzf naq lbh jba'g trg fghpx.

Q: The old man in Narshe won't give me the Ragnarok esper. Is this a bug?
A: It's not a bug. Ragnarok (esper) is at a different location. Location: Gur obff ng gur gbc bs Snangvpf Gbjre unf vg.

Q: I heard that there's a secret item. How do I get it?
A: Va gur svany qhatrba, gurer'f n fznyy vagrevbe ebbz jvgu n qbbe cnfg n pbairlbe oryg gung vf vanpprffvoyr. Gb ernpu gur qbbe, lbh zhfg hfr na rkcybvg gung vf abeznyyl hfrq gb fxvc Cbygetrvfg va inavyyn SS6. Ybbx hc gur Cbygetrvfg fxvc gb svaq bhg ubj gb qb gur gevpx.

Q: I heard that there are secret codes. What are they?
A: I'll give you the codes, but be aware that these are codes that were used during development for testing the randomizer. I make no guarantees about their playability, and it's recommended that you play through the randomizer without codes at least once before you use them. Here they are, as always, in ROT13:

Q: What level should I be for the final dungeon?
A: It really depends on your gear and what builds you have access to. I usually end up going there around level 35-40, but it doesn't hurt to have a few absurdly high level characters to tank hits.

Q: Yo this is really hard.
A: Yeah I guess so. I was pretty careful to make sure it was always beatable, though. Obviously the difficulty depends on your specific randomization though, so if you're having trouble, don't feel bad about using savestates or anything. I tried to design the randomizer in such a way that savestates aren't necessary, but I can't account for everything. If you encounter anything that is absolutely absurd in difficulty, please let me know so I can try to adjust the balance for future versions. Also, save often! You never know when you'll randomly encounter a boss on the overworld or in a chest.

Q: I encountered <boss> as a random encounter/monster in a box! Is this a bug?
A: No.

Q: I can't choose my party for the final battle. Is this a bug?
A: No.

Q: When my character uses X ability, he attacks the enemy and then attacks his own party for low damage! Is this a bug?
A: Yes! I don't know how to fix it, but it's a bit interesting in its own right, so I've been ignoring it for now.

Q: It says my character can use Blitz/Lore/etc. in their skills menu, but they don't actually know it.
A: This is a side effect of replacing the old commands. I'm not sure how to fix it, but it doesn't really affect the game so I haven't really looked into it.

Q: I used Control on an enemy and ordered him to use a skill on his own party, but he attacked me instead!
A: Some skills are just like that. They're flagged to never be used on your own party.

Q: The final boss is impossible! How do I win?
A: Gur orfg cerpnhgvba lbh pna gnxr vf univat rabhtu UC gb fheivir Zrgrbe (hfhnyyl nobhg 5000) naq vaihyarenovyvgl gb znal fgnghf rssrpgf, rfcrpvnyyl Fvyrapr. Xrsxn jba'g pbhagre juvyr ur'f pnfgvat Tbare naq gur fperra vf funxvat, fb guvf vf gur orfg gvzr gb fgevxr.

Q: The boss of the Fanatics Tower is impossible! How do I win without Life 3?
A: Gur pynffvp fgengrtl bs Enfcvat uvz gb qrngu fgvyy jbexf, naq ur vf bsgra ihyarenoyr gb Ofrex. Hfvat Cnyvqbe gb ynaq gur svany uvg pna jbex, ohg or jnel gung ur zvtug fgneg gur onggyr jvgu vaangr Yvsr 3. Nyfb, vs lbh unir n Trz Obk be fvzvyne vgrz, vg zvtug nyybj lbh gb hfr na novyvgl va gur gbjre gung lbh abeznyyl pna'g hfr... Hygvzn pna or Ehavpxrq, sbe rknzcyr.

Q: Dude I've got like six cursed shields.
A: Fun fact, if you equip cursed shields on multiple party members, you can uncurse one of them 2x or 3x or 4x as quickly.

Q: Why can't Gogo select X ability?
A: It's probably there. You just have to scroll past the edge of the menu. Unless it's an ability Shadow had and you let him die, in which case, it won't be there.

Q: When I use Rage the game glitches out.
A: Is your Rager equipped with the AtmaWeapon? I've noticed some buggy effects from using enemy specials while equipped with the AtmaWeapon, and it even crashed my game once.

Q: I just got a Game Over, but I didn't get to keep my experience levels.
A: This feature was removed because it didn't work properly with one of the new esper boosts. I also wasn't very fond of it to begin with, because I would often get a Game Over and forget to reset so I don't miss out on valuable esper levels.

Q: Can you add X to the mini-guide that gets generated?
A: Let me know. I'm not sure what kinds of things people want in the mini-FAQ.

Q: Can you add X feature?
A: Maybe. I'm open to suggestions, but things that require a lot of effort probably won't get made.

Q: Can I add X feature?
A: Possibly! Even if I don't think it's a good idea for the standard settings, it could be a secret code. Send me a pull request to the project's Github.

Q: Does Beyond Chaos work with X mod?
A: Maybe, maybe not. I haven't tested Beyond Chaos with anyone else's mods. If it's an elaborate, full-game mod than the answer is no. Some small mods might be compatible, since Beyond Chaos doesn't do rom expansion or anything like that... but it uses up a lot of commonly used free space, so conflicts are likely.

Q: Does Beyond Chaos work on a real Super Nintendo?
A: Absolutely! Beyond Chaos has been tested on both Super Everdrive and SD2SNES, and it works 100% perfectly.

Q: I found a bug!
A: Send me a tweet, or a message on Twitch, or post it in one of the Beyond Chaos threads on various forums. I'll check it out.

    ffmasterfoobar - Twitch broadcaster who did a lot of playtesting for my entertainment, check out his channel
    Tenkarider - Romhacker who gave me lots of feedback, and creator of the Ultimate Czar Dragon hack, FF6 Curse of the Gods, and many other challenges
Beyond Chaos is a full-game randomizer for FF6.

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Nice trailer! what sprite was the character at 2:08?

About that discovered long exits... are they already applied to the tower?

Tenkarider's project #2 is started: FF6 Curse of the Madsiur Joke (CotMJ)
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I think that was Locke in a bright peach-colored vest, lol.

I haven't done the long exits yet. I'd already been working on the video and didn't want to delay it any longer. The long exits won't really affect gameplay at all, they'll just push the player back if he tries to walk off the edge of the map.

UPDATE: Those long exits are now implemented in version 46.
Beyond Chaos is a full-game randomizer for FF6.

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The mod looks fun! After about 90 minutes of messing with it, I'm ready to admit that I'm having trouble getting Python to work. Any pointers?

I'm running Windows 7 (64-bit, if that matters). I've followed the ReadMe regarding the Windows executable, to the letter. The executable is within the Beyond Chaos-Master folder, as are both an Unheadered and Headered ROMS (which have legitimate checksums). I've renamed them to ff3u and ff3h, respectively, for easier typing within the executable. I enter no seed, and I enter nothing for flags (activating them all). I am greeted with this message:

Using seed 46..142496502
ERROR: list index out of range.
Press enter to quit.

I watched the video tutorial that was shared on the first page of this thread and followed that to the letter, even installing Python. But I get the same error. If I type, "ff3u.smc" (as shown in the video) instead of "ff3u" it says that the file doesn't exist in that directory. I hope this was enough information. Any thoughts?

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Ah, I know what the problem is. You're using a rom file that has no filename extension. The program assumes that it will have a filename extension, which is why it's crashing. Rename the file to "ff3u.smc" or "ff3u.sfc" and it should work.
Beyond Chaos is a full-game randomizer for FF6.
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Holy crap. It worked. You're a genius!

One thing I had to do, slightly different: Renamed file to "ff3u.sfc" and plugged just that it into the executable = failure.

Then, I tried to type in "ff3u.sfc.sfc" and it worked.

Is that what you meant? Seeing how it now works, I don't care anymore, but was I doing it wrong the entire time, or is this something that the tutorial didn't cover? Thanks for the help! Looking forward to playing this!

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That's very strange, but whatever works, works. I wouldn't say you were doing anything wrong, I just didn't think about this kind of situation at all, so future versions of the randomizer will handle filenames without extensions correctly.
Beyond Chaos is a full-game randomizer for FF6.

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Hey everyone, do you love reading spreadsheets and databases of information? Dude, so do I! That's why I know you'll love version 53 of Beyond Chaos. Every randomization generates a complete, personalized game guide. In previous versions, I affectionately referred to this game guide as a "mini-FAQ". However, it's been expanded so much that I can't rightly call it "mini" anymore.

To put things in perspective, the old guides were around 40kb in size. The new ones are over 250kb! If you ever found yourself wondering these things...
  • Will I ever obtain a magic power boosting Esper?
  • How do I obtain a Striker?
  • Where the hell do I find an enemy called "Heppewila"?
...then this guide is for you! Here are some samples of its content.

Complete character profiles, with notable equipment options!
Commands: fight, lore, r-bless, magic
Looks like: Mog
Originally: Setzer
| HP:      61 | VIGOR:   22 | ATTACK:  16 |
| MP:      9  | M.POWER: 37 | DEFENSE: 43 |
| EVADE:   7  | SPEED:   23 | M.DEF:   27 |
| MBLOCK:  2  | STAMINA: 38 |             |
Notable equipment: Dragon Claw, Tiger Fangs, Moogle Charm
Natural magic:
  LV 3 - Safe
  LV 4 - Demi
  LV 6 - Haste
  LV 14 - Rasp
  LV 20 - Fire
  LV 21 - Bolt 3
  LV 25 - Stop
  LV 32 - Regen
  LV 37 - Mute
  LV 43 - Quartr
  LV 53 - Doom
  LV 54 - Rflect
  LV 66 - Osmose
  LV 73 - Muddle
  LV 90 - X-Zone
  LV 98 - Ultima

Detailed Esper catalog, so you know which quests in the World of Ruin to do first!
Merton  x4
Sleep   x10


Meteor  x4
Scan    x11
Muddle  x11

Huge monster compendium with everything you need to know for treasure hunting and defeating your foes!
Asurfe (Level 44)
| HP: 5965 | ATK:   42 | SPD:   59 |
| MP:  323 | DEF:  130 | HIT:  121 |
| XP: 2282 | MPOW:  13 | EVD:   72 |
| GP: 2009 | MDEF: 186 | MBLK:   0 |
NULLIFY: bio;  WEAK: bolt
IMMUNE: berserk, blind, float, haste, image, mute, reflect, slow, stop, vanish
AUTO: condemned
OTHER: can't escape
SPECIAL "Metal Ring": attack x6.5 (unblockable)
RAGE: Dischord, Battle
LORE: Dischord
CONTROL: Battle, Dischord, Mind Blast, Osmose
SKETCH: Metal Ring, Mind Blast
STEAL: Shuriken, Shuriken
DROPS: Red Jacket
MORPH (50%): Pearl Rod, Soul Sabre, Thunder Rod, Tonic
LOCATION: Yeti's Lair

Atma (Level 89)
| HP: 65535 | ATK:   35 | SPD:  152 |
| MP: 61423 | DEF:  156 | HIT:  255 |
| XP:     0 | MPOW:  23 | EVD:    0 |
| GP:     0 | MDEF: 113 | MBLK:   0 |
NULLIFY: fire, ice, bio, wind, earth, water
IMMUNE: berserk, condemned, confuse, death, imp, mute, near death, petrify, poison, sleep, stop, zombie
AUTO: reraise
OTHER: can't escape, dies at MP zero
SPECIAL "Main Super": death (unblockable)
LORE: CleanSweep
SKETCH: Flare Star, S. Cross
STEAL: Soul Sabre, Muscle Belt

Opponents and rewards for every colosseum wager!
Doom Darts   -> Dragon Claw   :  LV 52 Cogelo
Dragon Claw  -> Striker       :  LV 29 Smidor
Dragon Horn  -> Moogle Suit   :  LV 44 OracySlo

All of the secret spells hidden in your items!
Imp Halberd:   Break
Kodachi:       Ice
Fire Rod:      Fire 2
Ice Rod:       Ice 2
Thunder Rod:   Bolt 2
Poison Rod:    Poison
Pearl Rod:     Pearl
Gravity Rod:   Quartr
Ninja Star:    Quartr
Flame Shld:    Fire 3
Ice Shld:      Ice 3
Thunder Shld:  Bolt 3
Cursed Shld:   Palador
Bard's Hat:    Slow
White Dress:   Dispel (indestructible)
Pod Bracelet:  Terrato
Memento Ring:  Maduin

Flame Shld:    Fire 2 x5
Ice Shld:      Ice 2 x5
Thunder Shld:  Bolt 2 x5
TortoiseShld:  Imp x1
Paladin Shld:  Ultima x1
Force Shld:    Shell x5
Head Band:     Sleep x2
Titanium:      Imp x1
DiamondArmor:  Pearl x1
Imp's Armor:   Imp x1
Cursed Ring:   X-Zone x5
Sprint Shoes:  Safe x5

Prices and discounts for every shop, so you know the best place to stock up on Fenix Downs!
Discounts for female characters.
Bio Blaster    1950
Flash          1950
Fenix Down      900
Remedy         2400
Smoke Bomb      555

MithrilBlade    600
Poison Rod     2000
Shuriken         45
Plumed Hat      400
AutoCrossbow    300
Inviz Edge      380
Shadow Edge     520
Sprint Shoes   2900

The contents of EVERY treasure chest in the game, including the treasure chest's ID number so you can check whether it will upgrade to something better later on!
Treasure 150: Crystal Mail
Treasure 151: Darts
Treasure 152: Man Eater
Treasure 153: Crystal Helm
Treasure 154: Red Cap
Treasure 155: Tack Star

Enemy 014: Ice Dragon x1
Treasure 000: Genji Helmet
Treasure 001: 23200 GP
Treasure 011: Aegis Shld
Treasure 012: Moogle Charm
Treasure 018: Scimitar
Treasure 020: Aura Lance
Treasure 021: Illumina
Treasure 022: Atma Weapon
Treasure 023: TortoiseShld
Treasure 024: Thornlet
Treasure 077: Genji Helmet
Treasure 079: Graedus
Treasure 080: Aegis Shld
Treasure 097: Genji Shld
Treasure 151: Merit Award
Treasure 153: Fixed Dice
Treasure 160: Force Armor
Treasure 172: Sky Render
Treasure 178: Moogle Charm
Treasure 194: Genji Shld
Treasure 195: Hardened
Treasure 196: 23100 GP
Treasure 197: Aegis Shld
Treasure 198: Merit Award
Treasure 201: Genji Helmet
Treasure 208: Magus Rod
Treasure 209: Genji Shld
Treasure 214: Assassin
Treasure 215: Gem Box
Treasure 216: Crystal Mail
Treasure 217: Illumina
Treasure 218: Magus Rod
Treasure 219: Magicite
Treasure 220: Red Jacket
Treasure 221: Imp Halberd
Treasure 222: Cursed Ring
Treasure 223: Fixed Dice
Treasure 224: Drainer
Treasure 225: Blizzard Orb
Treasure 225: Nutkin Suit
Treasure 226: DiamondArmor
Treasure 230: Fixed Dice
Treasure 231: Sky Render
Treasure 235: FakeMustache
Treasure 235: Gold Hairpin
Treasure 237: Scimitar
Treasure 241: Force Armor
Treasure 259: Ragnarok
Treasure 260: Bone Club
Treasure 261: Atma Weapon
Treasure 262: Ice Shld
Treasure 263: Cursed Shld
Treasure 264: Genji Helmet
Treasure 265: Marvel Shoes
Treasure 266: Moogle Charm
Treasure 267: Graedus
Treasure 268: Tintinabar
Treasure 270: Thunder Shld
Treasure 271: Imp's Armor
Treasure 272: Flame Shld
Treasure 273: Air Anchor
Treasure 274: Merit Award
Treasure 275: Snow Muffler
Treasure 276: Fixed Dice
Treasure 277: Marvel Shoes
Treasure 278: Flame Shld
Treasure 279: Fixed Dice
Treasure 280: Minerva

So what are you waiting for? Get Beyond Chaos version 53 today!

(also, there were bugfixes)
Beyond Chaos is a full-game randomizer for FF6.

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