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Just a detail to update in the board rules

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While reading the rules here, I noticed this part :
Quote:15. Black text is much preferred. We have some people here with color blindness, and sometimes people seem to use colors that are unreadable either way. Try to use black as much as possible, at least around the general sections.

Since the current board style has dark colors backgrounds and white texts, it would be more accurate to say "default color" instead of "black" or "white", for it may confuse some people.

Talking about board style, you can add in that point that forcing a color might make the text illegible if the board style changes (ex: using darkred -> legible on a light-colored style, but illegible on a dark-colored style).

Anyway, I agree SO MUCH with this rule, for I'm partially sighted, so low contrasts are a pain for me. When I was a mod on forumotion, I didn't hesitate to warn users about this point.

I know this detail is trivial, but some new users might be, ummm not very bright and take it literal and actually write in black.

Thanks in advance.

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I actually noticed this rules wasn't making any sense recently. It will be changed to what you suggested.

It was making sense before as the MyBB default theme has black text.

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