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255 hours on timer patch

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(05-26-2017, 03:02 PM)seibaby Wrote: Here it is:

Thanks!   Shine

[Image: jce3000gt_md.png]

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Hi there. I forgot that the MP fix wasn't complete, so I went back to take a look at it, and apparently I will need to add a subroutine to bank 2 to fully fix it. With how many patches there are out there these days, finding the free space (will likely need at least 25 bytes like I used in bank 3) that will work in everyone's project is probably impossible. That being said, if you have a specific project you are working on in which you have at least 25 bytes of free space in bank 2 for me to add a subroutine, send me a PM with the location and I will make a patch for you. Bear in mind I still use hex editors to modify the game and don't have any experience with assembly code injection, but I could conceivably write an asm file that can work with one as well, since I have a basic idea of the asm code I'm converting to hex.

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